Badly Behaving Airlines

I just thought this would be a nice companion piece to this morning’s post:

It’s not just United — 8 times airlines notoriously violated people of color

  • David Dao is not the first to be dragged off an airplane. He’s also certainly not the first to have been allegedly racially discriminated against by an airline company.
  • In fact, airlines companies have discriminated against people of color so many times, Mic published an article listing 26 everyday things that can get you kicked off a plane — and that’s just if you’re Muslim or look like a Muslim.
  • But viral footage of Dao, a 69-year-old Asian doctor, being forcefully removed by security guards from an overbooked United Airlines flight, sparked a new conversation about racial profiling and discrimination among airline carriers. Mic curated a list of eight other times when these companies discriminated against people of color. Read more. (4/12/2017 11:20 AM)

3 thoughts on “Badly Behaving Airlines

    1. That;s because the so called “authorities” are out here acting like Gdamn fools. I think, at some point, one of them is going to do something so heinous, that there will be some massive equal and opposite reaction. Like this situation is going to reach a head.

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      1. I just read they refunded all of the passengers on that flight. Turns out treating customers like trash is bad for business. United was in hot water only a couple weeks ago over leggings, and now this! There are plenty of airlines to choose from. We don’t HAVE to fly with airlines who mistreat their customers.

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