Review – The Myth of Irrationality: The Science of the Mind from Plato to Star Trek by John McCrone

I’m still working on some of my own posts. It’s a bit of slow going but I’ll have something for you guys this week. In the meantime, have some knowledge, from Hannah G.

Hannah Reads Books

This month’s Comparative Geeks post is in conversation with two friends on a topic I’ve been contemplating for some time: how emotions are portrayed on Star Trek. That post is mostly focused on how Data and Spock represent types of human neurodivergence, not a complete absence of emotion or a state of repression that needs release. We also touch on the idea, present in Star Trek but in a lot of other media as well, that humans are fundamentally irrational and that’s what makes us special, even transcendent. I’ve never liked that theme, but it’s even more concerning in light of the anti-intellectualist trend in modern culture.

the-myth-of-irrationality-science-of-the-mind-from-plato-to-star-trekImagine my delight when I found an entire book on the topic! The Myth of Irrationality: The Science of the Mind from Plato to Star Trek (1993) by John McCrone, science writer and author of four books on consciousness. It’s turned out to be…

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