The art of self-presevation

White Light, Black Filter

For an introvert, our environment can be a like a landmine. I am learning how to control it, so that it works for me, not against me.  Friendships can be tough for people like me, because sooner or later we are adopted by extroverts who think to themselves, “Oh! what a fun project.

Sure of themselves, they try to mold me into the bubbly ball of energy they just know I can be. Do I like it? No. Never have, and never will. I used to think that something was wrong with me. Why didn’t I like raves and concerts as much as everyone else seemed to? Why did I feel like going home so soon after the parties begun? Why did I need so much time alone between outings?

Back then, I let the zealots try to do their magic. But I hated every moment of it. I dreaded answering the phone…

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