Aaaahh!!! New Trailers!!!

Okay, I think I’ve used up my quota of exclamation points this week as we look at some new trailers for Justice League, which I’m cautiously excited about, Spider-Man Homecoming, which I am enthusiastically excited about, and The remake of Stephen Kings IT, which I have no idea how to feel about, as I didnt care for the original, (it’s also not my favorite Stephen King book, although I like it okay.) 

I think a lot of the enthusiasm surrounding this movie is the age of the people who first read the book, and saw the movie, and whether or not they have clown-fear. I do not. (I don’t like clowns but I’m not scared of them.) So this movie is not having the same effect on me, as it seems to be having on other people, although I smiled when I recognized that opening scene, as it’s the clearest memory I have from the book, which I haven’t read in decades. 

I don’t have clourophobia, but I respect that other people do, and are really jazzed to see this.


I’ve always been a Spiderman fan. I’ve been collecting the comics since the nineties.  Even so, I wasn’t expecting to see this movie, as I though I’d had enough of Peter Parker, and still wish they’d chosen Miles Morales. But after Avengers Civil War, I fell in love with Tom Holland, and my enthusiasm for seeing this movie rose a notch. I probably still won’t see it, because I can’t see myself sitting in a theater looking at it, but I love the diversity of the cast, the addition of Iron Man, and the plot seems interesting and funny. I hope the movie does really well, even if I decide not to see it.
SpiderMan Homecoming

Well, since I enjoy  being contrary to what everyone else is thinking and doing, I’m apparently one of the few people who doesn’t hate Zack Snyder, liked the Watchmen movie, and enjoyed Man of Steel. (Okay, I hated Batman vs Superman but that’s a one-off, it seems.)
I simply don’t have a problem with Zack. I dislike Ben Affleck because he plays Ben Affleck in every movie, and I don’t like Gal Godot because she just isn’t my idea of Wonder Woman. She has all of the gravity of a helium balloon, and my brain just ain’t buying it, even if I can’t actually point out anything she’s doing wrong. I don’t hate her, and she’s  got all the moves and attitude, but I just ain’t feeling it, and can’t connect to her. I have no plans to see WW, the enthusiasm just isn’t there for it,  although I wish the movie well, and sorta liked the trailer.

I do like the trailers for Justice League, although really it’s gotten to a point where representation is becoming very important to me, such that I’m reluctant to spend so much money on something that’s not diverse. I think I’m just old, and really, really tired of looking at white men  ALL the time. Unlike some black people, I have not yet reached the point where I won’t watch anything that’s not diverse, but Jeebus I am tired, though. 
Justice League:

3 thoughts on “Aaaahh!!! New Trailers!!!

  1. jennnanigans

    On IT – I’m an old nerd for the books, and I love Tim Curry’s portrayal. Classic. Also I do not have clown-fear.
    I’m with you on the trailer – I love the opening (they nailed it!). I really don’t see the point for the jump scare though.

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  2. myfaketvboyfriend

    I loved the book It and I actually really liked the tv movie. “Kiss me fat boy!”

    I may have a hard time seeing someone other than Tim Curry play Pennywise. What was scary about him was that he wasnt scary looking when you first looked at him and then all of a sudden…ahhhh!

    As you can see I am psyched to see the remake. I am also dying to see The Tower!

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