Wonder Woman’s Body Hair Is Not A “Feminist” Issue. It Is A White Feminist Issue

Sublime Zoo

It is said that every 60 seconds (don’t quote me), White feminists do and say some shit that is so woefully asinine and obtuse that the world has to collectively Megazord Up™! and challenge them on it.

Of course, since that is very fucking often, we tend to ignore most of what they say and hope they fall into some void (a la Tonka Truck Leghorn™…even though we’re well aware she don’t identify that way…and even though White Feminists are rushing to defend her anyway).

Still. There will come a time where their fuckery will rise above the rest. There will come a day when the Lena Dunhams and LuciTaTay™ Swifts of the world will rise above the fray of asininity and present points that are so dense and offensive that they exceed the point of making mountains out of molehills and instead create whole ass alternative universes (#alternativefacts) out…

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