SPN Season 12: Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Not feeling this episode too much.

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This wasn’t a bad episode, but it was kind of forgettable, because its all things we’ve seen in other episodes. This is mostly because Sam and Dean felt more like an afterthought, to the real story, which is between Crowley and Lucifer. Sam babysits a victim, Crowley hangs out with Dean, and Sam finally gets around to telling Dean he’s working with the MoL.

The demons have discovered that Crowley is holding Lucifer hostage in a cell, and release his favorite Hellhound to distract him, while they try to free Lucifer. In the meantime, the Hellhound is running about attacking random teenagers, put it has a particular yen for the young woman who bopped it in the head with an ax, to protect her boyfriend.

I feel like this story was a vehicle to get two points out of the way. The first was Sam and Dean finally having that…

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