Iron Fist Season One

I’m a long time martial arts movie fan. I have clocked a lot of hours watching people fake punching and kicking each other. If you’re that level of fan of martial arts, it’s okay. You can skip this show. There is waaaay too damn much talking in this show.

On the other hand, it’s not an awful show. It’s not half as awful as the critics would have everybody believe. It certainly could be a better show, and it doesn’t live up to any of the expectations of the trailers, as bad as they were. Let’s just say all the action you saw in the trailers, is most of the action in the show. My guess is they knew they couldn’t hook us in by showing the many, many hours of people snarking at each other in offices,and  wearing nice clothes, so decided to go with inelegant fight scenes. Think the show Suits, but with worst dialogue, and sometimes somebody gets punched.

The plot is as stated. Danny Rand flees a mystical Asian land called Kun Lun, where he is the legendary Iron Fist.He comes to NY and gets involved with Colleen, Claire Temple, and the Hand. We spend most of the show running around with this trio, from place to place, jostling with Ms. Gao, and the Hand, macking on Colleen like a creepy stalker, and trying  to avenge his parents deaths, which involves the corporation his father used to run, his father’s old partner, and that man’s children, the Meachums.

My special advice is to watch the show on your tablet or phone ,and every time you see people talking in an office, fast forward through that. I fast forwarded through almost all of that part and was still able to keep up with most of the details of the plot. I would also advise you not to listen too hard to the dialogue because you will go to sleep. Unless Claire’s on screen. She’s awesome. As always.

I was going to give some type of in depth review, but I’m not interested enough to invest that much work into the characters and plots and shit. So here. Have some links and articles that carefully explain what went wrong with this show.

Iron Fist was inspired by 1970s kung fu movies, but no one seriously expected Finn Jones to become the next Bruce Lee. The show focuses on plot over action, so it makes more sense to compare it to Daredevil. And that comparison makes Iron Fist look like total garbage.

Daredevil‘s hallway fight was praised for its stylish choreography and camera work. There’s a real weight and brutality to Daredevil’s blows, and the scene uses a long tracking shot so you can see all the necessary action.

Iron Fist paid tribute with its own hallway fight scene, utilizing a very different style of filmmaking.


In Iron Fist, the camera constantly cuts away before the blows connect. The editor chopped Danny’s choreography into two or three shots per move, so you don’t catch the full impact of his actions. It’s like trying to follow a ballet performance through a dozen tiny windows around the stage.

Once the fight reaches the elevator, we get a completely unnecessary split-screen view of Danny disarming an opponent. At 1:35 in the above video, the split screen actually makes it harder to see what he’s doing.


*I’m going to go one step further here. This weekend was the second season premiere of Into the Badlands. This show is everything that Iron Fist should have been. Into the Badlands is full of action and every one of its fight scenes is given the love and dedication that it should receive for an action show. Contrast this fight scene with the one from Iron Fist:


Oh, and here is the fight scene between Zhou Cheng and Iron Fist. Zhou Cheng is being played by Lewis Tan, an actor and model  who is half White, and was one of the most prominent contenders for AA Iron Fist.Btw, this is one of the best fights in the entire series.


*This critique lays out the five major criticisms of the show:

 Monday, March 20, 2017

Five Comments on Iron Fist

Marvel and Netflix’s latest series dropped this past weekend, a week and a half after the pre-air reviews pretty much savaged it, calling it the partnership’s (if not the MCU’s) first complete dud.  What I found particularly damning about Iron Fist‘s reviews was their uniformity.  When one reviewer gives you a pan, you can blame the reviewer.  When a dozen reviewers give you pans that all make exactly the same criticisms–a dull and unsympathetic lead performance, an increasing emphasis on an unappealing villain, storylines that focus too much on boardroom shenanigans, lousy fight scenes–you’ve probably got a turkey on your hands.  Having watched the entire first season of Iron Fist, my only quibble with the reviewers is that most of the flaws they ascribe to the show were also present in the second season of Daredevil, which received generally favorable notices.  In fact, it’s not so much that Iron Fist is worse than Daredevil‘s second season, as that it is more boring (it lacks, for example, a magnetic central performance in the vein of Jon Bernthal’s Punisher), and this makes it easier to notice flaws that have been present in all of the Defenders shows, albeit taken to far greater extremes here.  The boring part means that the show doesn’t really deserve a full review, but there are a few points about it that I thought were worth discussing.


And the discussion we’re having on Tumblr is:




“You can’t hate the Iron Fist show for casting a white guy!”

Well then, can we hate it for being an unoriginal rehash of the same backstory and narrative beats that we’ve seen on many other comic book shows?

Can we hate it for being more concerned with boardroom drama than actual character development?

Can we hate it for not having any kind of narrative focus, and then trying desperately to weave some ill conceived conceit about “family bonds” at the last minute?

Can we hate it for its lack of world building, and its inability to make us care about either of the cultures that Danny Rand comes from?

Can we hate it for having a lack of identity and thematic presence?

…because those seem like pretty good reasons to hate it.

I’ve been told that I don’t know what a spoiler is, so this is your warning that I may spoil parts of the show. Also, I’m not really sure how this “Keep reading” thing works.

Keep reading

Alright, I’ll place my response under a read more as well.

Keep readinWe were required to care about Kun Lun because Danny cared about it, but we never got to see why he cared. We never went there.

*My Response:

We were asked to care about his relationship with Colleen but the only reason they’re in love is because the script requires they be in love. Why does she love him? We don’t know. We didn’t see it.

We’re meant to care about Danny wanting to head Rand but we’re given no reason for why he wants this company other than it was his dads company. We never met his parents and didn’t get to know them. We don’t care that it’s his dads company. Were asked to care just because he cares.

We’re supposed to care that he wants to avenge his parents but that, and the anger issues, come out of nowhere, and once again, we don’t know his parents, so we don’t care that he cares.

In other words we’re being asked to care about the plot because Danny cares about the plot but we don’t know him either. We were only given a bunch of plot points and stuff Danny wants or likes. Creating a character consists of more than that with some plot points thrown on top.


The reason Colleen Wing falls in love with DR is because the script requires her to do so. After she falls in love, the writers have no idea what to do with her. They don’t know how to write a woman who is in love with a man.

Actually, something like this happens with Joy, too. After she finds her father is alive, the writers don’t know what to do with her.

And after Claire has fulfilled her function of explaining the plot, she disappears too.

The writers are just lazy and incompetent. They don’t know how to write women.

*And this is all I’m going to say about Iron Fist. I’m now focusing my attention on Into the Badlands, a Show that is worthy of my time.


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