Coming Soon

I have several posts in production at the moment. One of these days I’m gonna hit you guys with posts about:

The Ghost Brothers

My take on the movies Get Out and Hidden Figures and what those two movies have in common

My favorite movies for each year of my life – This isn’t going to be easy because I got a lot of life to cover and  multiple favorites.

Reviews for Into the badlands, Taboo, and Supernatural

A couple of book comparisons – The Mist by Stephen King vs. Nightworld by F. Paul Wilson

A movie comparison The Fly (1958) vs. The Fly (1986)

More analysis on the movie It Follows

I wanted to do a review of the original Nutty Professor, which is the one I grew up with. Not that I don’t love the  remix, but I have a lot of nostalgia for old Jerry Lewis movies.

There are some premieres in April: American Gods and season two of the Ghost Brothers

Hopefully, I can do some reviews of the favorite movies that didn’t make the life favorites list.

These aren’t hard and fast goals. Just what I’m working on right now.


4 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. I’m waiting. I especially want to read your comparison of The Fly (Cronenberg’s is my favorite), and Stephen King’s The Mist vs. Nightworld.

    Would you consider doing a comparison or review of The Thing 1982 and its 2011 sequel, or have you done so already? The 1982 version is a better adaption of the book than the 1951 movie, and I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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    1. I didn’t have any plans to compare The Thing movies, but that’s a good idea. I have no intention of watching the 1951 version ever again, but unlike a lot of people, I actually liked the 2011 version.The 1982 version is a nearly perfect horror movie, though.

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      1. I agree with you about the 1982 version. I’d like to see someone create a horror movie that has such an effect on the audience today. It makes you completely suspicious of everyone and everything.

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