Get Out


Get Out

Months into an interracial relationship, Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya), a young black man, agrees to  visit his white girlfriend’s secluded family.  With his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) at his side, he does his best to smile through the painfully expected racial microaggressions of meeting the Armitage family and dealing with their passive-aggressive racism.  During this weekend, he has incredibly strange interactions with the few black people he meets.  While the he might have been prepared for the expected polite forms of racism, there’s another edge of horror that he has never imagined.

Get Out Movie, AfroSapiophile (22)

Chris Washington, an everyman black guy, was made incredibly more relatable to me, due to the fact that he was written in as a photographer, who shoots with the same exact brand of camera I shoot with.  He even goes Gordon Parking, just like me.  For me, the story of this movie was piercing because…

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