10 More Fan Theories We Love

I like all of these, really. Some of them I’d encountered before, like the Inspector Gadget one, and the one for Bladerunner, but I like them all, most especially the Signs one.

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It’s been a while since we addressed the internet’s habit of explaining and re-explain strange coincidences and plot holes in popular culture. Creating fan theories is a fun hobby (so long as it doesn’t involve everything happening in someones imagination or purgatory). We had ten good ones back in theday…and here’s ten more pearls.

John Mason From The Rock is a Disavowed James Bond


In our previous article we discussed the James Bond codename theory wherein ‘James Bond’ is a codename given to different MI6 agents. This explains his changing appearance and behaviour (but does have plenty of holes in the theory). This can be an expansion of the original theory if you assume Michael Bay’s classic (YEAH I SAID IT) film The Rock takes place in the same universe as the Bond franchise.

John Mason is a British national who has been kept in federal prison without charges for more…

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