Supernatural Season 12: Family Feud

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I was sort of dreading the Gavin episode, but it turned out to not be so bad, even though the whole ghost hunting thing felt like an afterthought. I mean really?! Gavin’s girlfriend is going to kill any teachers that wander into her orbit because she had some horrific experiences with one one time? There are a lot of teachers in the US! That’s gonna be a lot of killing.

On a side note, I just started re-reading Anno Dracula by Kim Newman, and there’s a character named Silver Knife, that’s wandering around London’s East End, killing random female vampires. Now, clearly, this character is based on Jack The Ripper (all of the book’s victims have the same names as the real life victims, except in the book they are all vampires). His reason for killing them is that he wishes to stop the vampire plague that’s taken over London,(or…

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