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Here are some new videos for Logan. One of them is the extended Super Bowl trailer and the other is called Sunseeker, which is a minute-film by the director, Mangold, featuring Wolverine driving a limousine, at some point in the future. I think the year is 2029 in the movie. 

I haven’t been this excited about a superhero movie since I heard that Black Panther was going to be made. (I’m telling y’all, when Black people experience an actual Rapture, after seeing that movie, you gonna know what’s up!) The trailers, for Logan, remind me of other great super-nonsuperhero movies like Unbreakable and The Incredibles, where the usual aesthetic has been turned on its head. 

One surefire way to get me interested in a movie is to play some Johnny Cash, so I was hooked from the moment I heard the song, Hurt. Couple that with the story told in Old Man Logan, and you have a perfect marriage of song and character. If you listen to the lyrics of the song, they’re a match for the Wolverine of that time period. He is old and full of regrets. I guarantee this song will make you cry:

Here is the new video Sunseeker. The director says this movie is all about character and atmosphere. 

The fight choreography, for Logan, isn’t the usual bombast, but brutal, up close, more personal. In one of the trailers, x-23, named Laura in the movie, is riding in the car next to Wolverine, and you can see she has bloody knuckles from where her claws extend. It’s a very affecting moment, as it’s  a callback to the first Wolverine movie, when Rogue asked Logan if his claws hurt when they came out. His answer: “Every time.”

And here’s the music video for Hurt.

WARNING: The new Logan movie is rated R, so you might want to reconsider taking young children to see it. I do plan to take The Potato,  but she is pretty mature for her age, and well used to Horror movies. I also plan to have a discussion with her about what we saw, as the movie does feature a young girl who is, very clearly, a killer.
In other news the CW just picked up the rights to make the show BLACK LIGHTNING! If you’ve read those comic you will be excited, on the other hand if you’ve been watching the CW, you may feel disappointed. I feel like Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash are the only superhero shows the CW has gotten right, so I have very mixed feelings about that. On the other hand it’s BLACK LIGHTNING!!!
Here’s a slightly different trailer for Iron Fist. I know I’m going to watch this but I still have deep misgivings about the main actor. I just can’t get rid of the nagging feeling that he sucks. I don’t know if he will, but I have no confidence in him, and I’d like to be surprised. (Or these feelings could simply be fallout from my disappointment that the actor isn’t Asian.)

Is anybody else totally freaking out about him walking around barefoot in the middle of NYC. That’s just nasty! Man, put some frickin’ shoes on!

On the other hand, Colleen Wing looks pretty cool, there’s lots of fight scenes, Ms. Gao takes time off, from whatever she’s doing in Daredevil, to make a cameo, and Danny does appear to have more personality than the actor playing Daredevil, who is so low key, that he may as well be an hallucination of a character. Also, I can’t wait to see The Defenders, where he teams up with The Bulletproof Man, Luke Cage, because Ive always loved those books. 

In more news, there’s a John Wick 2 featurette discussing the fight choreography in the movie. I love it when stunt people talk about that stuff. I like to know what styles of fighting was used and how the actors approached that degree of action.

In other news I just watched The Girl with All the Gifts. It’s a beautiful movie, which perfectly captures the bittersweet essence of the books, if not the exact details, although those are close enough. This is probably because Mike Carey wrote both the film and the book. I would definitely put The Girl with All the Gifts in the top echelon of zombie movies. I do plan to watch this one with The Potato, so I can get her ideas about what she just watched before I write a review. I told her about it and she seemed excited about the little girl zombie. This movie also features a little girl who is clearly killing people and animals, so I want to get The Potato’s thoughts on this theme.

I have four shows to watch and review: The Expanse, Legion, A Series of  Unfortunate Events, and The Magicians. Taboo is one episode away from its finale and a lot battier than I’d at first thought it would be, so I love it! I’ll review the season finale in two weeks. 

I’d like to do a detailed review of Ghostbusters, which I actually enjoyed. I also told myself I wouldn’t watch Legend of Tarzan because the trailers were absurdly stupid, but it’s playing on cable this weekend, and that’s why I pay money for it. I won’t spend twenty dollars to see some tings, but I will watch it in my house, on a library loaned DVD, maybe.

Stay tuned for something else this week. I don’t actually plan what I’m going to write about, despite me telling you what I plan to write about, so it could be anything getting posted, from something that just happened a day ago, to something I never mentioned, that’s been sitting in my queue for three months. 


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