Supernatural Season 12: Regarding Dean

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The title is a callback to a movie from 1991, starring Harrison Ford, about a high priced, ambitious, lawyer, who finds the meaning of true happiness, after he loses his memory, after getting shot. I really enjoyed that movie, even though I don’t think that’s how memory loss actually works. But Harrison was really good in it, and Annette Bening, as his wife, is great too. The standout though, is the actor Bill Nunn, who plays Ford’s character’s physical therapist, Bradley. Their relationship is really beautiful . I don’t know why, but I’m always total trash for Black therapist movies, even though they’re racially problematic.

Well, this episode doesn’t have that particular problem but still has all the beauty. I really enjoyed this episode and it’s one I’m going to be rewatching many more times in the future. Every season, there are about three really standout episodes that I love…

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