TV Review: Taboo: ‘Episode Four’

The Peanut Gallery


S1, E4: ‘Episode Four’

Tom Hardy plays Seven Minutes in Heaven

Grade: C


Goddammit. After the tense spy drama of the last episode, I really thought the show had broken through. Instead, it’s scuttled back to its comfort zone of magic, exotica and shivering women panting into James Delaney’s face. It involves gruesome murder, bacchanaliae, near-rape and a challenge to a duel. And withal, it is the most boring episode of the show yet. Can we bring back the scheming and the double-crossing, please?

‘I have been told to await a better offer.’

Lorna’s in trouble. Last episode, she was taken to a high-born man (the Duke of Richmond) who had been promised her services. She fought back, and now the Crown has a reason to come after her. She’s been arrested on the charge of attempted murder of…

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