Black History on Tumblr


Some of the most interesting posts about Black History month I found on Tumblr.


This, also keep in mind that the “American cowboy” has been exaggerated greatly by Hollywood and popular myth – it was really only a twenty/thirty year period in the mid-19th century that essentially ended around the American civil war when barbed wire was introduced and eliminated the need for them.

If you’re ever in Denver, check out the Black American West Museum. Lots of photos, artifacts, etc.

John Wayne’s character in The Searchers was based on a black man named Britt Johnson.



*This puts Tammy Lawrenz’ bullshit, about equating The Black Panthers to the KKK, straight to bed. And no we’re still not calling her by her name:  


The Nixon Administration admits its policies were meant to attack Blacks and anti-war people, so they did what was necessary including arresting their leaders, raiding their homes and more. [From the film “13th”]

Let’s all celebrate Sister Rosetta Tharpe – The Black Queer Woman who invented Rock N Roll. If you look closely you can clearly see her influence on Chuck Berry, Elvis Presly, and Jerry Lee Lewis.


Frederick Douglass Was the Most Photographed American of the 19th Century



20 Things The World Wouldn’t Have If Black People Didn’t Exist


He cared about people, not money.

Throughout his life, Carver’s actions demonstrated how little he cared for money. For example, he turned down a six-figure job offer from Thomas Edison. Carver also didn’t spend much on clothes (and consequently was always shabbily dressed).

In 1917, Carver revealed what motivated him: “Well, some day I will have to leave this world. And when that day comes, I want to feel that my life has been of some service to my fellow man.” When he passed away in 1943, it would seem he had lived just such a life.

Happy Black History Month!


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