Supernatural Season 12 : Lilly Sunder…

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Once again we are hit with an okay episode. There was a lot to like about this one and we can see that the season definitely has some kind of an agenda,  involving the Angels, Castiel and the Winchesters.

Things I enjoyed:

The genderswaps of Benjamin and Castiel. Seeing Castiel as a woman was a real treat. I shouldve expected it after Ish’s little side comment of liking Castiel’s old vessel more.

After learning about what Isham did to Lilly, it puts his statement about Cas’ old vessel in a new light. Ish is a typical stalker-ish cad, really. He killed Lilly’s family because he felt she betrayed him. I guess he had it coming.  I do like the deeper implication of Isham’s toxic masculinity, and how the fallout for his actions catches up with him over a century later. And the deeper theme of consequences for one’s decisions, as…

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