Women of Color in Videogames

Here, Anita Sarkeesian touches on some of the worst stereotypes of women of color in videogames.

And I thought the women’s tropes videos were vile. I had a hard time stomaching some of the images in those, but these… I don’t play any of the games listed in her video essay, so I had no idea  the racism in these games was so horrible, and that’s just in the first three minutes.

There are always a certain number of people who want to try to defend these games, but no intelligent excuses can possibly be made for some of these images. The creators of these games are grown ass men, who should damn well know better than to have ever created  any of  them.


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4 thoughts on “Women of Color in Videogames

  1. Thanks for posting this. I am so sick of the racism in video games. Resident Evil 5 really pissed me off, and it wasn’t just how they characterized Shiva, it was the plot and the background characters as well. When it was announced that tge main character of Watch Dogs 2 would be a Black tech genius, all hell broke loose. Racist gamers complained that a Black male wouldn’t be intelligent enough to be that technologically savvy.

    As for anime, in anime it seems to be the standard that a dark-skinned character will be highly sexualized or evil. In Record of Lodoss War, Legend of Crystania, and various anime titles, this is portrayal. “Dark” elves are always evil, sneaky dark-skinned beings who practice “dark magic”, while the blonde fair-skinned elves (Pirotess) are depicted as virtuous and kind. We’re now in 2017 and depictions of people of color in video games haven’t changed, and the directors of the English voice over productions for these games still refuse to hire actors of color to voice characters of color. Sorry for the long comment; this just disgusts me. 😳

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      1. I’m familiar with Record of Lodoss as an anime. I did notice the depictions of dark characters as villains, and lighter characters as good. Disney is guilty of the same thing.

        Racist depictions of Black and Brown people haven’t changed much from the early twentieth century, but maybe we can change that, if we make a loud enough noise, and vote with our dollars.

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