Chumph’s Whites Only House…Nowhere to Run! Hackers Publish Phone Numbers

More numbers to call!

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Want to have a polite conversation about how badly the Chumph has fucked up?

Call Here!

Need to set these folks up on an autodialer with a recording!

456 is the White House Exchange. So any 456 exchange goes to the White House.

Dressed for the Circus

Group leaks White House staffers’ direct phone numbers after Trump kills Obama’s feedback line

(p)resident Donald Trump’s White House has made it nearly impossible for his constituents, the people of the United States of America, to offer feedback over his actions.

The White House used to have a public comment line that individuals could call to speak with a staffer about everything former President Barack Obama did in his eight years to cause some outrage. But Trump, not a fan of bad reviews, has taken that down.

An anonymous group of citizens has found a way around Trump’s closed comment line — or…

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6 thoughts on “Chumph’s Whites Only House…Nowhere to Run! Hackers Publish Phone Numbers

    1. I think that’s one of the reasons I haven’t written very much about 45, although I’m happy to make fun of him. If I can find that Twitter thread making fun of his “blacks” I’ll post it!

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      1. myfaketvboyfriend

        Donald has offended every single group of people that its possible to offend. He disgusts me. To laud Putin as a good leader is treason as far as I am concerned. And you know he is setting the table now so that if we God forbid have a terrorist attack its that judges fault. He is using fear tactics to get people behind his Muslim ban (yes lets call it what it is, no alternative facts here) by saying how the bad people are flooding the country. He disgusts me on every level possible. And Pence is just as bad-voting for Devos…my head is going to explode.

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  1. myfaketvboyfriend

    The Donald keeps forgetting he works for us not the other way around. I’m sorry that he can’t take any constructive criticism. Grow up!

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