Supernatural Season 12 : First Blood

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Hi! I’m back! Ive been away for a bit, what with the show being on hiatus and all, but I’m feeling some renewed passion for the show. Let’s talk about it!

I loved this episode of SPN. I’m still processing this because this episode is the reason I love this show, and I keep coming back to it. Every year there are fans who quit the show because it’s not doing what they want it to do, and that’s cool. If a show isn’t working for you, don’t waste your time hatewatching. There’s too much variety on TV to spend time doing that. But Supernatural just keeps giving me interesting stories with characters I love, and I want to see what happens to them and where it’s going.

Up til now, I’ve been a little lackluster in my interest in the show, (not really!). I missed Lotus, though. I…

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