#938: Supporting Immigrant Coworkers in the USA.

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I have a coworker from Iran. The President is about to announce awful policies around admitting people from countries including Iran. I’m pretty sure he and his siblings are all here on non-permament statuses, though I don’t know for sure. He’s a friendly acquaintance, not someone I’d say I have a close relationship with, but it’s a small workplace and we’ve talked a fair bit.

Is there a good way to be supportive and express solidarity? I don’t want to put him on the spot, as questions that make him uncomfortable, etc. But I do want to do anything I can to make him feel better or make things actually better for him, be that being an emotional support in these stressful times, just letting him know that people around him care, or something else. For context, we live in a very liberal major city in a liberal industry…

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One thought on “#938: Supporting Immigrant Coworkers in the USA.

  1. My thought is that having the courage to say ‘I want you to know that I am among those who oppose this inhumane ban and I hope you and your loved ones are okay.’ can go a long way. As you are in a small office, it may help if there can be some type of coordination that allows a moment (30 minutes or so) of open dialogue to be incorporated in the day/week throughout this process. This co-worker, yourself and others may need to talk, share ideas for coping and or strategies getting/or giving support.

    As you are likely already aware, your coworker from Iran will not likely shake hands or hug but will likely express appreciation with his words.

    All the best to you. Have courage.

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