The Lost Boys on TV

Welcome to Horrorland are die hard Lost boys fans and the news that Rob Thomas (iZombie/Veronica Mars) is going to take on bringing The Lost Boys to the small screen has us a little anxious, but Thomas has a new vision for the tv show which could work if we seperate ourselves away from the […]

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I’m here for this! I know I’m giving away my age, but I was seventeen when the Lost Boys was released, and I basically lost my everlovin’ teenage mind, for about a year. It’s still one of my favorite movies, although it’s pretty dated now. I’m always standing for The Boys, tho’. I’m gonna chaeck this out, despite that it’s on the CW, and hopefully we get some PoC representation . We need some Black and Latinx vampires, up in here.

10 thoughts on “The Lost Boys on TV

  1. TheWarner

    In my opinion, The Lost Boys is one of the greatest vampire films of all times. It’s horror, romance, comedy, action, all in one film. I loved this movie when I was a kid; I was 4 years old when it was released. Now it’s one of my son’s favorite movies. I, too, fear it will be ruined by the CW.

    Was it wrong that I wanted Laddie staked despite him being a child? LOL! I felt like he was a threat.

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    1. Probably some combo of of lack of imagination, the prevalence of European vampires despite the fact that vampires exist in every culture in the world, and a not insignificant degree of racism. TV and Hollywood just keeps doing what they’ve always done, which is showcasing white vampires, although a number of PoC vampires exist in books.poc almost always get cast as we’re-creatures of some kind, which vampires are superior too. Make of that what you will.

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      1. Racism by any other name still sucks (forgive the pun). Also Marcus from the Vampire Diaries was black. However, there is a distinct lack of ethnic vampires and were- creatures don’t cut it today. About time we gave mythology a make over to make it as diverse as modern culture.

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      2. I’ve only ever seen photos of The Vampire Diaries, as I don’t watch the show. I had wondered if there were any PoC vampires on there.

        Also I’m opposed to the unsavory idea of attaching various were-animals to different PoC.

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      3. That was why I liked True Blood, the were-animals and shape-shifters were mainly white (as were the vampires) but within the vampire ranks were a few black African Americans. Strange really when you consider how Native Americans should only be allowed to become President that NO Native American has ever tried to run. Maybe I should come over and decry every politician as the child of an immigrant? Native Americans could have taught us so much yet we (and I’m referring to European Whites) tried to wipe them out because when we tried to take all their lands they fought back.
        The time has come to say fairs fair, to give them back the human rights we stole from them. Native Americans don’t want another bloodshed but they deserve that the truth about their downfall be told honestly and history should be amended to show the so-called “Indian Wars” were fought over land, natural resources and trying to keep those PoC in their place.

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      4. Also I’d love to see not just PoC vampires, but different types of vampires outside the European model. That would be awesome. I give a special shudder for the Filipino and southeast Asian versions, which I feel are especially scary.

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