Tribute: Debbie Reynolds R.I.P.

RIP Debbie.

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Only a day after we paid tribute to Carrie Fisher following her passing we find ourselves reflecting on the career of her mother, Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds, who passed away after suffering a stroke.

Debbie Reynolds started her long career in the 1950s and worked as an actress, singer, dancer and later a humanitarian and film historian. Best known for Singing in the Rain she was an icon of the Golden Age of Hollywood and continued stage work up until recent years.


Born Mary Frances Reynolds in 1932 in Texas, USA. While at a young age her family moved to California. Her first steps into the industry began with winning a beauty contest at age 16 and then signing a contract with Warner Brothers. It was at this time Jack Warner gave her the stage name ‘Debbie’. Reynolds started featuring in musicals, which were popular at the time, and age 20…

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