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Lovely Readers,

I have been very lax in my reviews of the new season. There are a couple of good  reasons for that. Normally, I review every episode, no matter how dissatisfied I may be, but this season I’ve only reviewed maybe two episodes because I just don’t care. This is not a good season for me. Starting the season off with the horrific death of a beloved character is maybe a bad move on the part of the writers. 

Maybe after the hiatus, things will be better, but right now, I am thoroughly sick and fucking tired of the overtalkative Negan. The man never shuts up and says nothing important. He just talks because he’s a bully who can force people to listen to his gibberish. I know the writers are having fun writing him, but it sure as Hell ain’t fun listening.

The last few episodes have been nothing but reiterating how bad a person Negan is. Okay! We got it! He’s an asshole! Let’s move on. I understand that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a top notch, almost A-list actor, and that he cost a lot of money o have on the show. I understand the showrunners want to get their money’s worth, but they  haven’t realized that a little bit of Negan goes a long damn way. 

The highlight episode for the season was meeting King Ezekiel. After that we had a Daryl being tortured episode, another episode about Negan, and then something a little more interesting between Maggie and the Hilltoppers. I only liked that one because of the addition of Jesus, who, along with King Ezekiel,  is also one of my favorite characters. I hated last week’s episode which once again featured Negan terrorizing Carl, rather than Rick, and tonight appears to be a continuation of that. 

In the interests of full disclosure, I did read some of the comic books, so I know that what’s happening on the show is mostly in line with the books, which I’m okay with. I also have some idea of what may happen in the future regarding these disparate groups of people that Negan has terrorized into submission.

I’m sick of Negan, but I will watch the episode, mostly because the first season of Westworld is over, and I’m curious. Not happy about it. Happy is a strong word in this case. I’ll watch it, but I’m not reviewing it, unless something significant happens like Negan getting a head injury or bursting into flames. (Or if Jesus dropkicks some more zombies. That was hilarious.) 




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  1. I’m not too caught up on this season, but, like you, I can’t stand Negan. He just seems almost too “perfect” as a villain – nothing can go wrong with him, no flaws, and he can make anyone cower (i.e. Rick). I haven’t read the comics, but I’d imagine he’ll get what he deserves at some point.


    1. He does. It’s what all this setup is about. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, and all that. But I really, really, miss badass Rick. The women seem to be holding it together though.

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