The Walking Dead Update

Lovely Readers,

I have been very lax in my reviews of the new season. There are a couple of good  reasons for that. Normally, I review every episode, no matter how dissatisfied I may be, but this season I’ve only reviewed maybe two episodes because I just don’t care. This is not a good season for me. Starting the season off with the horrific death of a beloved character is maybe a bad move on the part of the writers. 

Maybe after the hiatus, things will be better, but right now, I am thoroughly sick and fucking tired of the overtalkative Negan. The man never shuts up and says nothing important. He just talks because he’s a bully who can force people to listen to his gibberish. I know the writers are having fun writing him, but it sure as Hell ain’t fun listening.

The last few episodes have been nothing but reiterating how bad a person Negan is. Okay! We got it! He’s an asshole! Let’s move on. I understand that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a top notch, almost A-list actor, and that he cost a lot of money o have on the show. I understand the showrunners want to get their money’s worth, but they  haven’t realized that a little bit of Negan goes a long damn way. 

The highlight episode for the season was meeting King Ezekiel. After that we had a Daryl being tortured episode, another episode about Negan, and then something a little more interesting between Maggie and the Hilltoppers. I only liked that one because of the addition of Jesus, who, along with King Ezekiel,  is also one of my favorite characters. I hated last week’s episode which once again featured Negan terrorizing Carl, rather than Rick, and tonight appears to be a continuation of that. 

In the interests of full disclosure, I did read some of the comic books, so I know that what’s happening on the show is mostly in line with the books, which I’m okay with. I also have some idea of what may happen in the future regarding these disparate groups of people that Negan has terrorized into submission.

I’m sick of Negan, but I will watch the episode, mostly because the first season of Westworld is over, and I’m curious. Not happy about it. Happy is a strong word in this case. I’ll watch it, but I’m not reviewing it, unless something significant happens like Negan getting a head injury or bursting into flames. (Or if Jesus dropkicks some more zombies. That was hilarious.) 




2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Update

  1. I’m not too caught up on this season, but, like you, I can’t stand Negan. He just seems almost too “perfect” as a villain – nothing can go wrong with him, no flaws, and he can make anyone cower (i.e. Rick). I haven’t read the comics, but I’d imagine he’ll get what he deserves at some point.


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