Supernatural Season 12: Rock Never Dies

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I’ve finally figured out why I’ve been less enthused about these first episodes of the season. Its not that they’re bad episodes. Actually, they’re alright, but not great, and I’ve been enjoying them. Its just that, since the first couple of episodes ,these all feel like filler and I’m getting tired of filler.

It feels like the writers are still cleaning up the detritus of the last season, rather than moving into the new storylines they introduced, in episodes one and two.They introduced some really interesting ideas in the British Men of Letters and we haven’t explored the topic since then and I’m getting impatient. I love the Castiel/Crowley Teamup, but I’m getting tired of the Lucifer storyline, although the writers have taken great pains to make him as threatening and sinister as he used to be.

I was especially put off at Lucifer’s reasoning for all the mayhem he’s…

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