This Gave Me Life

This is Superwom. she has a whole series of these very funny and informative videos. So please check them out and subscribe to her channel.

I stumbled across this video on the Freethoughtblog/Pharyngula website, which is another safe space to check out. I wouldn’t send you someplace that’s unsafe. These sites are rigorously monitored for trolls and encourage intelligent, philosophical discussions, which can sometimes get pretty deep. The viewpoints of PoC are welcome there.

Another safe space for PoC to leave comments is:

One word of warning is that the posts catalog some some of the worst excesses of the “manosphere”, and the most obnoxious forms of misogyny, rape culture, racism, homophobia, and  transphobia. These things are posted so they can be mocked by Futrelle, and the commenters. If you’re not in the mood to wade through some of the truly noxious s**t he has found online, then be cautioned. Even I occasionally have to just scroll past some of the Tweets published there.

Oddly enough, another safe space for commenting is:

The journalism there can occasionally be click-baity, but it sometimes feels good to express your outrage in the comments. Trolls are vigorously slapped down there, so you can speak your piece, without worrying that some obnoxious p.o.s. is gonna call you nasty names.

And for some deeply funny and intelligent commentary on social issues of importance to Black Americans, check out : VSB. Very Smart Brothers (There’s also a smart sistah in there, too.)

And when all else fails and you can’t take anymore, then one final thing to help you get through this year:

GET OFF THE INTERNET AND PLEASE SELF CARE, LOVIES! Something that is more important than ever right now.

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