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You can skip this if you’re just not in the mood for this shit right now, but apparently I like to start my mornings off pissed or something because I always do this. By evening, I’m pretty tapped out, but my mornings are all fired up.

This is just a link to a post that articulates my general aesthetic right now. There is absolutely no amount of excuse making by Trump voters that’s going to fly with me. Don’t try it. It ain’t gonna work. My ears are closed to such people. The stakes are too high for me, and people like me, to listen to anymore wishy-washy, namby-pamby, kumbaya, let’s all get along , bullshit from these people.The rest of us can’t afford to be complacent, or give Trump a chance.

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  1. jennnanigans

    For some reason the link is blocked at work, but I wanted to chime in that I am here for political shit. I don’t wake up in a bad mood or anything, but I do feel like I’ve been living in a bad dream the last 15 days. I keep reading news about the PE’s transition and cabinet appointments and sit in a blend of open-mouthed horror/wonder. I’m trying to do good things in the meantime, but still, it’s… it’s going to take a while for me to sift through the wreckage, since this election blew my mind so badly.

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    1. Well, my mind wasn’t so much blown as mostly just appalled. I keep making the mistake of thinking that man can’t get any lower in my expectations ((which are pretty damn low. I mean minuscule) but he surprises me anew every single day, and that’s what’s so horrifying.

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  2. myfaketvboyfriend

    The excuses I get when I call people out on it are ridiculous!
    1-Hillary is worse…
    2-Obamacare isn’t paying my dental practice enough (this from a VERY good friend with a gay son who isn’t talking to her now)
    3-Hillary is worse
    3-Tax cuts
    4-hillary is worse

    Seriously? This is it? How is she worse? In what way? I will take all the negatives so as not to have this racist dummkoph in the white house. I laugh every time he goes back on one of his ridiculous promises.

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    1. Its my understanding that people believe Hilary is worse because its what they’ve been TOLD to believe about her .
      Its true, she’s not perfect, or a shining Angel on a hill, but she is at least a grown-ass woman, with political experience.

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