Guest Post: A post-election guide to changing hearts and minds

This is a positive blog for the most part, so I won’t get into cataloging the daily injustices being heaped upon marginalized people, as we have plenty of websites that already do the kinds of things that will keep you fired up in this post-election malaise.

But I can signal boost positive messages of encouragement, coping mechanisms, and things like this, that can familiarize those who would like t be allies with marginalized people, with things like basic terminology, self care for marginalized people who are feeling overwhelmed, and coping scenarios for family and friends who are Trump supporters.

Captain Awkward

[Trigger warnings: sexual assault, racist police violence, anti-Muslim bigotry, anti-Semitism, child sexual abuse]

Valerie Aurora teaches the Ally Skills Workshop, which teaches people with more power and privilege how to stand up in small, everyday ways for people with less. She also trains people to the lead the Ally Skills Workshop. She is a long-time Captain Awkward reader and recommends the blog in every workshop she teaches.

Hey Awkwardeers,

Many of us are grappling with how to use our skills and influence to resist the upcoming Trump administration and the hatred and violence that it inspires. As Captain Awkward readers, we’ve been practicing setting boundaries, standing up for our values, and making it awkward for the right person. We are uniquely prepared for a crucial part of the next few months or years: changing the minds of people who support the Trump administration, and standing up to the abusers…

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