The Walking Dead Season 7: Service

I’m not doing a review of this episode this week. I’m in no mood to watch Negan, and his followers, acting like a pack of a**holes towards the residents of Alexandria. I can’t watch it. I caught a brief clip of one of the Saviors making a rape threat to Enid, and noped the f**k right out of that episode.

Even during some of my best moments, I have a low tolerance for bullies, and Negan seems especially triggering for me right now. I didn’t even watch the episode. I know what happened from reading some reviews and watching the Talking Dead, which is the after show discussion. I’ve gotten the highlights, without having to watch anything that might produce a panic attack.

When the show gets back to showing Carol, Morgan, and what’s going on in The Kingdom, I’ll be there, but I’m feeling waay too emotionally fragile this week to put up with Negan torturing some of my favorite characters.

I will be reviewing WestWorld, though. I’m greatly enjoying that. Maybe next episode I’ll feel better about watching The Walking Dead.




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  1. Negan is just ugh… it’s painful and boring to watch him. Ugh…

    Totally off subject, I stopped watching The Bates Motel because Norma was happy and married and Norman was in a crazy house and I didn’t want Norman to come back and mess her mess up.

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