Supernatural Season 12: The One You’ve Been Waiting For

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Well, I wasn’t exactly waiting for this, but I don’t mind seeing the Thule Society again. Every time Sam and Dean get to kick some Nazi butt is always fun for the viewer, and Dean seems to have a swell time too.

So, the plot sounds like some kind of zaniness from Ash vs. the Evil Dead. A pocket watch, containing the soul of Hitler, and the blood of Hitler’s great-grandniece, are the McGuffins the Thule Society need to bring Hitler back to life. Why, is anyone’s guess. Guys! there’s never gonna be another Third Reich! There couldn’t be a more appropriate time to air this particular episode though, considering what happened in last week’s American election. (But I’m not talking about that. )

This is a fairly straightforward MotW. I didn’t see any ties to the larger narrative. Those are usually my favorite episodes. I kinda enjoyed this…

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