Please! Take My Money

From the guy who brought us The Fifth Element, comes Valerian and the Thousand Cities.

This looks like a helluva a lot more fun than Ghost in the Shell, tbh.


I just need to add, that I actually strongly dislike the movie The Fifth Element. Mostly because I’m not a fan of its actors, who I have to look at, if I’m gonna watch it.  I’m not a huge Bruce Willis fan, the young lady in the movie, Leeloo,(she who hales from the Resident Evil films, and shall not be named) has all the acting (and fighting chops) of a large stick of wood. 

I was also kinda pissed off that the universal  perfect being was a skinny White girl, with only two facial expressions, but I guess Rihanna (who stars in this new movie) wasn’t available back then. (C’mon, quit playin’.We can all agree that it’s Gina Torres.) I understand now why she was hired for the role, but still…c’mon! The irony is that I actually like that actress as a person. Based on things she’s said, she seems like the kind of person who is easy to be friends with. She just can’t act for shit, and kinda ruined the movie for me.

One thing I did love about the original was the visuals. The worldbuilding was fantastic. It really was sort of like visiting a new universe for a couple of hours, and it’s one of the few things that will make me sit down and actually watch it when I’m of a mood. I also tried really hard to learn, and sing that opera song from the movie. That’s the best scene in any SciFi movie, ever made. (Or it would be if Leeloo wasn’t doing all that shitty fighting during it.) I also really enjoyed Chris Tucker’s performance. I thought he was pretty funny and that Willis was an excellent foil for the litttle motor-mouth. It made my heart glad to see people dressed up as Ruby Rod this Halloween.

All that aside, this looks like a something set in the same universe as The Fifth Element, only twenty years later, and I hope it is, with plenty of references to the other movie. I also hope there’s more PoC in it then just Rihanna, (who I’m in love with, btw). 

Well, I know what I’m doing in July of 2017.