Today’s Self Care

Things you can do today if you need to self care and reduce you stress levels:

* Be sure to get plenty of sleep. Some people might even be stressed about not getting enough sleep, which will cause more sleeplessness, so beware of that.

* Cry if you can (not everyone wants to do this, for some it doesn’t work,) but having a good cry reduces a tremendous amount of stress, you may also feel calm enough afterwards to go to sleep.

*Please eat something. (It doesn’t have to be anything naughty, or decadent.) Chocolate actually helps reduce stress (for those who are allergic, you may have to try something else.) Have some comfort food.

* Talk to someone supportive, keep those lines of communication open. If you’re worried about family members, talk to them the first chance you get, and stay in contact with them as much as possible.

* Go offline. Just stay off the Internet unless you’re playing a game.

* Meditation and quiet time.

*Exercise, especially low impact, like Yoga.

*Keep busy to take your mind off the stress. I’m sure something in the house needs to be rearranged.

*Pamper yourself today. A pedicure, or manicure, or visiting the hairdresser, if that’s your thing. (But watch your spending. There’s no need to go buckwild!)
* If you have a hobby, engage. Mine is knitting for charity. (Playing with yarns also makes me calm and happy.)I have the next four years to worry and be mad. I don’t have to do it all today, plus it’s exhausting (and raises the blood pressure) being in that state for too long.

*Read or re-read one of your favorite/comfort  books.

*Engage in a favorite activity you’ve neglected for awhile. A glass of wine, a bath, and a good book, for example.

* A mug of herbal tea while watching silly TV.

*Hang out with some friends today. Go have lunch, or dinner, or breakfast, and talk about everything in your life except politics for one day.

Oh, I forgot one more thing:

Breathe! Take a deep breath right now. Take another!



I’m going to do everything I can today not to think of politics while I work through the shock of what’s just happened. After I’ve calmed down, maybe  I can face my  White co-workers tomorrow (without force-choking the shit out of them.)

One thought on “Today’s Self Care

  1. myfaketvboyfriend

    Ikeke-I am devastated today. 95% of my office is devastated. This is insanity. I am going to follow your advice listed above. Maybe then I can stop crying. Its not just black people that have been disenfranchised its also women and gays and anyone from a country other than the USA. What a travesty.

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