SPN Season 12: American Nightmare

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American Nightmare bears the faint specter of of the Jim Jones Massacre, in its religiously maniacal mother, who is determined to rid her psychic daughter of the evil she believes is infesting her.

This episode was kind of hard to watch because of the gore. I’d just finished watching a Black woman be whipped on Legends of Tomorrow,  so following that up with explicit images of another woman being flayed, and suffering from Stigmata, was a  double blow for me.

Olivia, a Social Worker, walks into a church bearing signs of stigmata, and collapses. I have to admit I had a completely different idea of what this show was about. I thought it was going to be about a religious cult, and since Olivia was dressed a bit like a Mennonite,  I thought things were being confirmed. Boy, was I wrong.

Image result for supernatural american nightmare cast

I had all kinds of feelings watching this episode…

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