The backlash against remakes isn’t only the preserve of MRAs

Media Diversified

by Shane Thomas  

One of the most evident phenomena of Western pop culture is film and television’s propensity for remakes and reboots. It’s a topic as polarising as it can be profitable. While I understand how remakes can subsume original ideas, personally I think they can also serve an useful purpose, as it allows tales to be passed down through generations, similar to the oral tradition of griots in West Africa.

Case in point, even if you haven’t seen Scarface, is there anyone who doesn’t know the “Say hello to my little friend” scene? But what’s less known is that this movie was also a remake. Scarface was originally a 1932 film (and a pretty decent one), and in a world without remakes, we never would have had one of Al Pacino’s finest performances.

In addition, an update to an established story grants an opportunity…

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