Logan (2017)

I absolutely hated the first Wolverine movie. I mostly try to pretend that movie doesn’t exist. I found the second movie, “Wolverine in Japan”, to be tolerable, but again, its not one of my favorite movies. I love movies set in Japan, about Japan, and I really like Wolverine, so that movie should have been a lot more exciting than it was.

As far as I’m concerned, the best thing in the entire movie was Yukio, and I’d love it if she had her own movie, but its Hollywood, so that ain’t never gonna happen, because Hollywood simply cannot allow an Asian woman to run around being heroic and shit, without a White guy attached to her like a barnacle.

This last movie, the last one starring Hugh Jackman, looks pretty good. Its a different feel than the first two movies, with the first one being a standard action format, and the second one being a kind of action/romance. This one looks and feels like a gritty Western and I find that intriguing. I love a good Western. (Yeah, I’ve seen the True Grit remake about 500 times.) Its also very much what I imagined from the comic book “Old Man Logan”.

I like everything about the trailer. The images, the music, the whole thing. (And I do think that’s X-23, maybe.)