I loved this review. Its a nice, hefty read, and very enjoyable. I’m addicted to this show, despite its disappointing last season, but I love this character and hope they write better plots for her for the coming season.

The Indigenous Geek Girl


Lagertha is the main female protagonist of the History Channel television series, Vikings. She is brought to life by the very talented and beautiful Katheryn Winnick, who successfully and believably portrays every aspect and dimension of this character. She is one of the most popular characters on the program and arguably has the best development and growth of any character in the series.

As I said earlier when we talked about Aslaug, the female characters on Vikings are often subjected to very boring and terrible writing in the later seasons. While Lagertha remains consistently likable, she still falls victim to these poor choices on the writers’ behalf. As I am writing this, the new season of Vikings has yet to be released but based on the trailers and teasers for it, I am expecting to be disappointed. Expect this review to be updated when the new season wraps…

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