Here Are 11 Reasons Why ‘Luke Cage’ Should Be Your New Favorite Western

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I know what you’re thinking:

Lex…what in blazes are you going on about?

Now, it’s funny that you mention that. I say this because recently, prior to the debut of Luke Cage, showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker sat down with SciFiNow to explain how and why he thought the show was a Hip-Hop Western.

As someone who has studied and taken great interest in the genre—despite its glaring issues with revisionist history (i.e. erasing the fact that 99% of cowboys were either Black, Mexican, or Indigenous) and the outright racism against the Indigenous peoples of this land—and would like to direct movies in this genre one day, I was immediately onboard with this interpretation, nevermind the fact that Luke Cage already had me at Sweet Christma—I mean “Hello”.

Ok but seriously I was here for Luke Cage for like...ever. Okay but seriously I was here for Luke Cage for like…ever.

Moving on, while perusing through all the reactions to Luke Cage

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