Racism in Media and Fandom: #AAIronFist Solidarity Exposes the Underbelly of White Supremacy

Sublime Zoo

This weekend, I witnessed an interesting phenomenon.

Well, not so much as interesting as it is old.

To explain, several of my colleagues saw their mentions go up in flames after revisiting the issue of #AAIronFist. Part of the reason the tag reemerged was because revelation that Lewis Tan—who will be playing Zhou Cheng, the upcoming villain of Iron Fist—was fine as hell.

While this particular news was exciting (because who doesn’t like hot guys?), we weren’t thrilled to find out that he has been passed up for the role of Danny Rand/Iron Fist.

Still, the other reason the tag reemerged was because of squadron of these same colleagues—these Black femmes—were coming down from the high of having been represented so holistically in Luke Cage (I mean, I know I still am!)

Because of said high, Rebecca Theodore (@FilmFatale_NYC), MistyKnightsTwistOut ‏(@Steph_I_Will), Lauren Warren…

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