Luke Cage Fangirling

Well, I managed to talk my Mom, who is sixty somthin’ years old, into watching the first episode of Luke Cage. 

And now she’s hooked. 

Yeah, she’s the original horror geekgirl, since before I was born, but she also loves crime movies, like The Taking of Pelham 123, The Warriors, New Jack City, and Jackie Brown, a movie she’s watched about a gazillion times. First, I warned her a week in advance, and then the day of. Today, I appealed to her by saying it was like Jackie Brown and Shaft, but with a superhero. She grew up during the Blaxploitation era, on which so much of Luke Cage is based, so the plot is fairly easy for her to follow. (It’s was easy to spot the good and bad guys, etc.)

She watched the first episode this afternoon, and after I gave her  a very tiny amount of backstory, like who is who, what they’re doing, and their relationships to each other, she got totally hooked. She didn’t like the music but she seems to love Luke Cage, who has become her precious cinnamon bun, and all hell’s  gonna break loose if he dies, (or so she claims). She refuses to call Cottonmouth by his name though, preferring to call him various words follwing cotton, like ball, head, or foot. 


She also has an uncanny knack for predicting which bad guys are gonna die. I don’t know if that’s a good, or bad, thing in the show’s writing, but it’s interesting. I was pretty good at seeing who was gonna die and who would be killing them, but even I couldn’t predict some of it. So far, she’s three for three.

I’ve told her she can stop anytime, but she says if she stops watching, she will forget some of the backstory of previous episodes, so she was on episode seven when I last spoke to her, with plans to keep going. 

Bingewatching Mamma!

Guys, this is a woman who has never watched a superhero movie in her life, outside of Shaft, and possibly The Incredible Hulk tv show. She’s thoroughly and completely uninterested in Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. She doesn’t even know who the Fantastic Four are, although oddly enough, she does know who the X-Men are, so go figure.🤔

Well, my work on this earth is done. If Marvel can convince my Mamma to watch a superhero movie, then their work is done, too. 

Oh, wait! Naw. I’m not done.

Now, I gotta convince her to go see Black Panther, when it comes out. 

Wish me luck!


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