Ki Khanga: Changing the Game…Literally!

Chronicles of Harriet

I grew up on science fiction and fantasy, loving both genres equally, however, when I discovered Dungeons and Dragons back in 1980, my greatest love became fantasy.
Forced into game-mastering due to the racism of the white students who refused to teach Black students to play, or who treated us like “orcs” when they did teach us, my storytelling grew from the simple stories about Shaft, Billie Jack, Luke Cage and the Falcon I would tell to entertain my friends and family, to the building of complex worlds inhabited by complex characters – Fantasy worlds filled with intrigue, adventure, horror and humor.
Wanting to tell better Fantasy stories and to create a richer world for the players in my Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, I became a voracious reader of fantasy novels, reveling in the richly-textured worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Robert E. Howard.
After two years of enthusiastic…

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