Luke Cage Racism Linkspam

I don’t want to take away anyone’s joy which is why I’m not writing a whole article about this. Normally I wouldn’t care what White people think about Luke Cage, but for some reason I can’t stop laughing at this. If they like it, then that’s great. If they don’t like it, that’s fine too.But they are not the audience for this show, which is why I find all these responses exceptionally funny. This is the same response we got from clueless White people when The Wiz aired on TV, although oddly, none of them say this about shows like Empire, or Power.

I don’t think I’ve fully articulated my hearty response to this particular type of whining, every time sensitive White people see PoC doing, but here it is:

“Stay mad, bitch!”

I’m sorry, not sorry. I got no sympathy for them. I’m too busy being a petty motherfucker to care.

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