Luke Cage is the Most Feminist Show on TV

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Spoiler warning: spoilers throughout. Best to read this after watching the whole season! Which I recommend!

It was during a small, nearly throwaway scene deep in episode 10 that it hit me like Jessica Jones’ fist: Luke Cage is the most feminist show I’ve ever seen.

The scene, captured in the screen grab above, features four women characters — four black women, not a one of them under the age of 30 (and none of the actresses under 35) — each of whom is in fundamental conflict with the others, but who come together in two temporary alliances to fight a multi-level battle. Yes, it’s complicated.

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    Can I send you a private message? I found a movie trailer that may interest you. BTW, I haven’t see LUKE CAGE yet, so I’m typing this with my eyes closed so I don’t see any spoilers. 🙂

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