A pretty solid American Horror Story season 6 theory

Check out this theory on the new season of American Horror Story. What do you think?



After Ryan Murphy stated that AHS Season 6 would contain a major twist come episode 6, fans everywhere have been speculated about what it could be.

One fan on Reddit came up with a pretty genius theory

I hope that someone else have notice this, and I know that probably will be kind of a reach but here me out: I believe that the first 5 episodes are named “Chapters” after each previous season of AHS; on Chapter one we have seen a lot of parallels with Murder House; family moves to a haunted house after a miscarriage, they notice the hauntings and want to go out just to be ignored by the bank/realtor; we have ghosts, piggy man, u neighbors, and nurses, just like murder house. On Chapter 2, we get to know about the nurses, and that the house used to be nursing home, so this chapter somehow…

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