Tropes vs Women

Another fascinating video fro Anita Sarkeesian outlining some of the tropes and stereotypes about women in video games. There’s a certain class of video games that contain nothing but toxic messages about women. This video, along with all of the other video examples she gives, for female tropes in video games (Please watch the entire series. Its informative and presents a way of asking questions about the media we consume), is a good explanation for me for why Gamergate happened the way it did, and how they soon combined with the MRA to become the Alt-Right.

This is also a good explanation of how the stories we tell ourselves have meaning, and repercussions in the real world, and how its important to question the stories we get told.


I also found this series of videos on YouTube which are just as good an explanation for why GamerGate occurred and how. It also gives a short history about the woman behind the above video. Its a six part series that’s entertaining and very informative.






3 thoughts on “Tropes vs Women

    1. I don’t really play the kinds of games she lists in her videos. I mostly stick with meditation games and kids stuff, but I find her videos fascinating. I have to admit, she lists a lot of reasons I avoided playing most of those types of video games, anyway.


      1. SapphireYagami

        i still play those games regardless just because i like the storyline. Some of the games im pretty much stuck on like God of War


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