Black Women are Ranked the Most Educated Group by Race & Gender

The fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in America




Not a focus in the study, but definitely notable is the fact thatAfrican immigrants also outperform native born white Americans academically along with all other immigrant groups.

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  1. So we have Asian Men, Black Men, Hispanic Men and White MALE? Interesting lol.

    Thanks for sharing the good news. I’ve been aware of the Black Women as most educated for a while. I think it’s been the case for the last couple of years. These are the kinds of news we need to spread around. They need to become common knowledge, and part of the image of the Black woman in the US that can hopefully replaces one of the millions of negative stereotypes Black women are plagued with, in this part of the world and on a larger scale.

    I’ll give my 2 cents as a West African former student who just received my post-graduate diploma (in the mail lol). Immigrating in the North America isn’t something everybody can afford. There’s a rigorous pre-selection of students based on parent income because the process is very expensive and financial guarantees are required to obtain a student visa. The financially stable parents are in at least 80% of cases, college educated themselves. That would be the number 1 factor.

    Second factor is the culture. Education is extremely important and seen as absolutely necessary where I’m from, and that means my region as well as my socioeconomic environment. We are a traditional culture that bears many similarities to some Asian cultures in which: respect to your elders and education is your number one job as a child, a teenager and a young adult.

    1. You are EXPECTED to excel, get in the best college, get a Bachelors and maybe based on what you want to do, a Master’s degree. Only after that can you think about
    2. getting married to someone as educated and successful as you (more successful if you’re a woman as the male as a provider is very strong in our culture)
    3. having children raised with strong traditional West African values who will too become highly educated and continue the “dynasty”.

    Any deviation from this model is considered a social disgrace and social degeneration resulting from the adoption of so-called “negative and depraved” Western values which according to the traditional culture are : a desire to challenge tradition and authority, an openness to non-traditional careers (what do you mean you don’t want to be a doctah or an executeeve?) serial dating (it’s considered debauchery), casual sex (that’s only for women though, the men can do what they want, as long as they don’t get anybody pregnant), children out of wedlock (what do you mean he hasn’t married you? go cut yourself a switch while I take your fatha’s gun), consumption of drugs and alcohol and God forbid, rejection of the heterosexuality (they go to America and they start acting like these Toubabs, tchreeewww). I’m just explaining the culture, not making judgements about it as that would require a completely different and even longer comment lol).

    Therefore you have highly “trained” and socially disciplined academic achievers arriving in the US, or Canada with strong family backing and a mission: succeed, succeed, succeed, and a culture that makes them resistant to a certain type of pitfalls and “distractions”. Of course, this is the theoretical model. Some follow it, some follow it, only to a degree, some rebel, but in general, my generation (don’t know what the kids are doing these days lmao) was raised to strongly adhere to this model, have a lot pride in it and strongly reject values that are considered contradictory to our own. It’s a whole thing lol.


    1. It’s a little bit different here, but he strongest impetus for black women is the disenfranchisement of black men. So many black men have been removed from the environments and removed from the job force, that black women (who want to marry black men) have little choice in having to take care of themselves and one of the ways we insure that we can do so is through education. It doesn’t have anything to do with hating men, or being a strong black woman. It’s about not having a choice. Even if you’re a black woman who is with a man, he could be taken from you in a hot second. Whose gonna pay me he bills then? Life is too perilous in this country for us to rely on the idea that we will be taken care of. We know black men want to love us and take care of us but the world is too uncertain to allow it. It’s horrifyingly sad, but I think it’s a factor.

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