Hi there!

Okay, that’s enough negativity for this week. I’d like  to try to remain positive and keep this as a space to have fun, maybe vent a little bit, and distract us from our worldly woes. But a lot of racialized garbage happened this week, which seems to have set me off. 

I am watching all of this week’s premieres and will have mini reviews of most of them by Monday, so look out for that. I also have to do full reviews of From Dusk Til Dawn and American Horror Story.

Next week: 

Luke Cage.

 Yes, I will be binge watching that on Netflix and doing an overall review rather than a episode by episode review. I’m not going to have time to do that because The Walking Dead season premiere airs that same weekend, and I will be too busy jitterbugging around my house in dread anticipation.