6 Complaints I Have With Avatar

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In the meantime, I felt like touching up an old essay I’ve written in the past  and moving it to my blog after my fiance and I watched Avatar for the first time in years. While I plan on writing an entire analysis about this specific movie from my perspective, I felt like starting off with a list of actual criticisms and complaints I had about a movie that I otherwise really enjoyed.

Before we begin, I want to add that this list of complaints is not going to include the dreaded…

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5 thoughts on “6 Complaints I Have With Avatar

  1. SapphireYagami

    well the na’vi dont just represent the native americans but the africans too. The mother is voice by a black woman, the father by a native american who have a daughter played by zoe whos heritage is a mixture of both native and africans.

    Overall, i enjoyed the film except for the white savior trope. poc dont need white people coming in to save them from the damage they caused in the first damn place but i cant wait for the sequels.

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    1. I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it after the first two times. I was uncomfortable the first time I watched it, and actively grew to hate it the second time I viewed it. I don’t think I will ever like that movie.

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