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*A series of misc. Tumblr posts. I can’t agree with this first post enough. Black licorice is evil and if you like it, then you can unfollow me right now, cuz you’re obviously the spawn of Satan. 





Callout post for @happinessisntapotato:
1. Thinks black licorice tastes good

IT IS DELICIOUS YOU HEATHENS and yes as a matter of fact i am a virgo


it is my duty as a fellow virgo to tell y’all that black licorice was made by the devil and anyone who likes it is working with the illuminati

black licorice is the devil’s candy, get with it


*People are still talking about Pacific Rim. At some point I’m going to have to do a post on this film, (as if I have anything to add to the several bazillion posts that love this movie.) I think its jingoistic and corny but I still love the hell out of this movie.

I feel like people want to misunderstand Stacker’s character, but I was never in doubt that he is/was a good guy. I know fandom always tries to paint certain characters as villains, simply because they are an obstruction to the  heroes of the movie, but I don’t feel Stacker was mean just to be mean. He loved Mako. That’s essentially his daughter, and he wants to protect his daughter from harm, and knows she’s not ready to drift yet. 

And you know what! He was right, because the first time she drifts with Raleigh, she has a panic attack. Raleigh talks her through it, but Stacker was right that she wasn’t ready yet.

One of my favorite lines in the entire movie is when Mako sets Raleigh straight about why she obeys Stacker.

She does it out of respect.








#imagine your brothers death being burned into your side for the rest of your life #yeah id wear sweaters all the time too (x)

Okay, but this movie wins the award for Best Use of Manpain, tho.

In any other movie, Raleigh would’ve spent 90 minutes being like MY PAIN IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR STUPID WAR, and instead, he snaps back into action as soon as he meets Mako. That’s awesome. But what floors me is that he uses his own grief to help Mako survive hers. He knows how awful it is to lose your family. He knows what she’s going through. And instead of whining or thinking his pain makes him entitled to opt out of his responsibilities, he empathizes with Mako, supports her, and encourages her.

Raleigh’s greatest strength is his compassion. And that’s the kind of male hero I’d like to see on my screen, please.

Plus, like, a bazillion more movies about Mako Mori.

I have a friend who thinks Pacific Rim is the best expression of true, non-toxic, GOOD masculinity in recent times.

All agreement.

Let’s talk about Stacker Pentecost in light of this, though. Because we learn, towards the end of the movie, that the day he met Mako is the day he lost his partner. He gets out of that jaeger after having piloted it alone, after having his body burned for hours by toxic radiation, after losing the person he was mentally linked to (family? partner? friend?) and what does he do? He adopts a young girl, and more than that, he promises her her right to revenge if that’s what she wants. Tries his best to keep her safe but gives her the tools and skills and support and eventually permission to fight. Respects her enough to rely on her. Gives her a home and family and meaningful, important vocation during the goddamn apocalypse. Let’s talk about the kind of masculinity that uplifts others that completely. That takes all kinds of pain and stands up in the face of it because of the people who need to see him still standing. That has purpose and drive and passion but above all understands other people and believes in them.

Stacker fucking Pentecost everybody.

I have a friend who thinks Pacific Rim is the best expression of true, non-toxic, GOOD masculinity in recent times.


finnnorgana Source: molegan
*Just a little reminder that some things are just insulting. Don’t be a asshole this Halloween. Let your friends know, too. We go through this every year. We’re gonna keep reminding people til they get it.
Honestly! These two fight like an old married couple! They also have some of the funniest conversations outside of Black Twitter.














@stephanemiroux replied to your post“@stephanemiroux replied to your post “Do you watch Jane the…”

I’m surprised you aren’t spoiled for aos.

i am, and it’s all kalen’s fault

Excuse you, I SAVED you.

i just knew you were lurking so i decided to call you out because you’re always watching and waiting

You just hate my psychic powers that alert me whenever you’re talking shit. You talk this big game about loving witches so much but when I predict what you’re about to say with creepy accuracy suddenly its like ohhh Kalen’s evil and ohhh I’m a child of god and blah blah thou shalt not suffer a witch to live and all that.

i ghostwrote the malleus maleficarum.

thou shalt not suffer a witch to life, nor shalt thou speak to a child of god like that.

So basically you’re admitting to being several hundred years old and way more ancient than me huh? HAH good job falling perfectly into my trap you old crone. Adam confirmed for decrepit old geezer.

I’m admitting to being the Child of the Lort and i’ve yet to see you deny being the spawn of satan, so unless you want me to hammer nails through your extremities, repent, witch.

I mean, I’ve yet to see concrete proof I’m not the spawn of Satan myself, so you’ve got me over a barrel there, big guy. Not sure how a public nailing is supposed to help me repent though. Seems a little counter-productive, but hey you’re the expert. Apparently.

How long have you been a godless heathen?

I mean, I was nominally Catholic for the first part of my life but the first time I did it with a dude was at church camp in high school and apparently that’s Being Catholic wrong but I’m not really sure at what point I crossed state lines into Sinnerville. Like there was a lot of lusting before the actual Doing of the Dude, so I can’t really pin down a firm timeline, you know?

Have you tried not being a godless heathen?

There was like a very brief window when I was 23 where I wasn’t actively a godless heathen, but apparently the official name for that was a medically induced coma and my doctor said its not something I’m supposed to replicate myself. It’s only supposed to be done by a medical expert or something? Idk, sounds like typical BS just to drum up more business for hospitals but either way I’m too broke to pay a doctor to do that every time I need to chill, so guess I’m going to hell, can’t be helped, oh well.

Have you tried praying the sin away? Jesus loves you. He suffered for you. Why won’t you suffer for him? Way to be selfish. If you REALLY wanted to get into heaven, you’d genocide an entire race of people and enslave another and also manifest your destiny as someone meant to be burning in hell! Aren’t you a true believer?

Sidebar, you know what I never got about the whole concept of heaven? Like, okay so its this place in the afterlife you go to if you were good enough in life, but like….what happens after that? Supposedly you spend the rest of eternity there, but can you just….not do or choose or think bad things anymore? If so, like….that seems to negate the whole point of free will and isn’t all that appealing. But if not, then that means people can still do shitty things in heaven so what’s so great about it anyway? Idk, like….I identify more as agnostic than anything else but the whole concept of the afterlife just stresses me out. Eternity’s too big. I need my metaphysics bite size.


From sexual innuendo to theological contemplations in under three posts. Sounds like it’s been Another Tumblr Conversation With Adam and Kalen. As always, thanks for joining us folks.

finnnorgana sunwukxng







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don’t make me make adamsredgloves






if you wanna keep your kneecaps you’re gonna


*Well, obviously, Angela Bassett is a vampire!


In 25 years, Angela Bassett has gone from playing Cuba Gooding Jr.’s mama to now playing his sister.

I am screaming.

*Yep! She played Cuba Gooding’s mother in Boyz in the Hood.

Hey, this just as valid as any of the other batshit conspiracy theories Ive ever read!

karnythia moniquill



What if the first people to disparage “processed” food that “comes out of a machine” with “artificial chemicals” were secretly just ancient evil fae and like they can’t eat anything that touched steel or was tainted by human invention or something so they’re just trying to sabotage the world of men and return Earth to the seelie court I’m on to you little shits

Next hip diet trend:

“Food that has never crossed running water. HSSSSSSSSSS!!!!


Apple Adventures:

karnythia a-spoon-is-born



The goddamn Apple Store is so fucking trendy these motherfuckers don’t even use cash registers anymore. Like holy shit why would I ever want to wait in line to pay for my immensely overpriced lightning bolt-to-usb cable, when I can wander around aimlessly looking for the one bearded top knot in the grey shirt who happens to have a card reader attached to his free iPhone 6? Literally fucking walked up a dude and was like ‘Yo where’s the till?’ And guy looks at me straight in the fucking face and says, ‘Oh well, there should be one or two people walking around on either side of the store who can process your payment.’ ALL OF YOU DRESS EXACTLY THE SAME! Am I supposed to accost every single goddamn one of you until I finally find the one goddamn fucking anthropomorphized Mac Computer who is willing to let me pay for this shit? And when I finally find the dude and let him tap his shit against the box that I’m trying to purchase, of course he gives me the smuggest fucking smile I’ve ever seen on a human face and asks, ‘Would you like to use Apple Pay?’ Like GOOD LORD can we please just take a step outside of your möbius fucking circle jerk and let me hand you fifteen pounds in cash? Cash money? Real fucking physical fucking tender? No it’s okay, I don’t need a fucking receipt. What, you mean you’re going to print me a real receipt? A physical receipt that I can carry in my pocket? You’re not gonna beam it to my fucking wrist? You’re not going to send it via dropbox to an undisclosed fucking IP Address where I have to complete a CAPTCHA and accept your terms and conditions for the one millionth time in order to check that, yes, I did just spend £20 pounds and 45 minutes on a thin wire made of plastic and metal that’s gonna break in a month anyway? I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND THIS PLANET ANYMORE

I work for apple and this is all true, I hate it all, boycott apple, cut off my head


@So this week is when the season premieres for various shows begin. Tonight I’ll watch Gotham, which I haven’t seen in a very long time. I may have something to say about it later, but I stopped watching it because I was getting very sensitive to some of its issues. Tuesday, I plan to watch Atlanta, From Dusk til Dawn, Brooklyn 99, and Agents of Shield (or fall asleep! Whichever occurs first!) Wednesday is for American Horror Story. Pitch airs on Thursday and The Exorcist is airing on Friday. There are a lot of them but I will try to get those reviews out as soon as I can. Some of them will only be reviewed once, and some won’t be getting reviews at all, probably. (I’m ignoring the existence of Lethal Weapon and MacGyver.)

Also: I found a series of posts on Captain America that I particularly enjoyed and wanted to post responses to them and we’ll see how far I get with those. Eventually, I’ll finish my character review of Brooklyn 99, and next month begin my  Halloween Movie Review Fest, where the only movies and books I will be reviewing, will be in the Horror genre.

Coming up next week: Channel Zero, Luke Cage and the historical series, Versailles.

In October: The second season of Ash vs The Evil Dead, The Walking Dead season premiere, Westworld on HBO, Supernatural, in its twelfth season, and maybe The Flash.


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