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*I’m a huge A Wrinkle in Time fan. I used to read these books at least once a year when I was a teenager and had a lot free time to fill up. I’m ecstatic about this movie, too. It being directed by Ava D’uvernay, and stars Oprah, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling, and now someone my 11 yr. old niece can relate to, Storm Reid as Meg Murray.

When I was a little girl, I identified pretty closely with Meg, and always cast myself in the role, so this will also be an opportunity to revisit my childhood.



12 Years a Slave’s Storm Reid has landed the lead role in Ava DuVernay and Disney’s adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s classic children’s book, A Wrinkle in Time.

The story centers on Meg Murry, a young girl traumatized by the disappearance of her scientist father years before, who finds herself on an interplanetary journey with a schoolmate and her younger brother to find him. They are aided on their quest by a trio of supernatural beings, Mrs. Whatsit (Reese Witherspoon), Mrs. Who (Mindy Kaling) and Mrs. Which (Oprah Winfrey).

As THR first reported, Disney has made the race of L’Engle’s main characters black or mixed race, making the Murry family now a mixed-race one. The studio is currently looking for a non-white actor to play the schoolmate, Calvin O’Keefe.

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*Okay here’s some photos from the new Iron Fist show coming to Netflix next year. I’m still not a Finn Jones fan. I don’t even know who he is, and I’m unimpressed by his looks (in the photos I saw of him he looked like an underdone potato), but he’s cast in the role now, and since I actually do like the comic books, I’m going to watch the show.

For my readers, who are not comic book fans, Power man (Luke Cage) and Iron Fist (Danny Rand) are two of the iconic pairings in Marvel, like DC’s Batman and Robin. They are both fully fledged, partners though. There’s not one in charge, and the other a sidekick, type of thing. For a while, there was just Luke and Danny, then they teamed up in the comics with Misty Knight, and Colleen Wing, to form Heroes for Hire, or with Daredevil to form The Defenders. (There have been several groups called The Defenders, with different members each time.) Colleen Wing is cast as Asian in this show. Lets see if any of the whining fanboys notice and say anything.

I think Iron Fist is suffering from the same problem of Dr. Strange. The whole white guy going into a mystical land, based on Asian Culture, and coming out of the other side with superpowers. There still would’ve been a much deeper story to be told if they had cast an Asian American in the role. I still do not understand this utter reluctance (and truculence) that Hollywood has against hiring Asian actors to star in action movies. What the Hell is that about? (Can you tell I still haven’t forgiven Hollywood for casting a White teenager in a movie starring both Jackie Chan and Jet Li, as if they needed the help?)



*Ooh! Here’s the new Misty Knight poster. She is shown with Luke Cage a lot, and is being introduced in his show but, canonically, she and Danny end up together, while in the comic books Luke and Jessica Jones are together w/child. I don’t know if the creators will keep that dynamic for the series though, because Luke and Jessica ended on a bad note (and I also hate the television version of  Jessica with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. )

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Misty Knight  //  Marvel’s Luke Cage  (2016)

Portrayed by Simone Missick, “Mercedes “Misty” Knight was born and raised in New York City. She graduated the Police Academy with honors and joined the N.Y.P.D. and rose through the ranks; quickly becoming a Lieutenant…

Misty Knight is a skilled detective, capable of observation, forensic investigation, and inductive and deductive reasoning of the highest caliber. Given any mystery, she can arrive at the correct conclusions with a fraction of the data. ” X

Get the comics here

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Yet another installment in the King Kong movie franchise. This time it has a more modern update, and looks like a Vietnam War movie, so maybe there’s some parallels there, or something. I’m not really into Kong all that much because of all the nasty racial undertones, and I’m also reluctant to watch Samuel L. Jackson in, yet another, historical jungle movie. Seriously, tho’! He needs to quit. He is the hardest working man in Hollywood, I swear.


*Just boosting all this Black Woman Excellence!


The 12 Common Archetypes (insp.)


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roamingblizzard: “ black-charm: “ badgalchubby: “ phoenixambition: “ liffe-fucksyouovertwice: “ chrissongzzz: “ If it comes in her size how the fuck is she too big for it.? ” This^^^^^ ” It’s that simple. ” Exactly!! ” Ok she looks bomb af tho ” If...If it comes in her size how the fuck is she too big for it.?

If it comes in her size how the fuck is she too big for it.?

If it comes in her size how the fuck is she too big for it.?

If it comes in her size how the fuck is she too big for it.?



*I laughed waaay too hard  at the above post and this next one about Original Star Trek!

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Yea! Rejoice! For it was on this blessed day in the year 1967 that our foremothers watched two men roll around on the hot desert sand and decreed, “Let there be gay.”

[For those who don’t understand the reference: this is about the 49th anniversary of the Star Trek TOS episode Amok Time.

This is the episode where Spock goes in pon farr, where he is literally biologically compelled to mate, kill, or, die. Spock does none of these things except to roll around on the sands of Vulcan and grind on Kirk.

This was the episode that sparked the entire idea of slash in our foremothers’ minds.]

Know thy roots.

history is so important

and on the day the first spock/kirk fic was written, verily did the first reader gaze upon it in wonder and speak:


*I have strange humor sometimes. I’m cool with it tho’. I get all of these, especially that last one (Yeah,  Destiel shippers, I’m lookin’ atchu!) 

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there are different levels of notps, y’see.

  1. i don’t really care about this ship but i’m sick of seeing it everywhere
  2. this ship makes me slightly uncomfortable for no reason
  3. this ship makes me slightly uncomfortable for personal reasons
  4. this ship makes me heavily uncomfortable for many reasons
  5. this ship disgusts me to my very core because of all it is
  6. this ship disgusts me to my very core and beyond because it’s entirely based around something that is despicable and morally wrong

7. i didn’t used to mind this ship but the shippers are assholes and now the mere thought of it makes me want to set people on fire

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*A couple of random discussion posts, that I thought held significance:
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Sometimes people use “respect” to mean “treating someone like a person” and sometimes they use “respect” to mean “treating someone like an authority”

and sometimes people who are used to being treated like an authority say “if you won’t respect me I won’t respect you” and they mean “if you won’t treat me like an authority I won’t treat you like a person”

and they think they’re being fair but they aren’t, and it’s not okay.



finnnorgana lunaaltare


those posts that are like “do any of you actually enjoy anything” are like high key annoying. like we live in a society where inherently oppressive actions are so ingrained into every bit of media we consume so being critical and pointing that stuff out is important. like i want to be able to watch or read something and not have my identity or just who i am as a person be attacked/mocked. because these bigoted ideals lead to violence and death. and on top of that people are capable of doing more than one thing at a time i know it’s shocking. i like overwatch and play the shit out of it but i can point out some of the racist undertones in the game itself. like you can enjoy somethin, know that it’s not perfect and talk about its faults all at the same time. let that sink in lol.


reverseracism fuckboi-logic


Your social justice should be founded on love for others, not on a desire to be the most visibly enlightened.

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Oh Gawd! Whyyy?!!!
Yeah, this is my aesthetic right now.
I’m not even religious but I will join in a prayer circle to send love and calming vibes to Jennifer. Sending her positive energy, so that she don’t end up choking the fuck outta Adam Sandler, within the first fifteen minutes of meeting him. There are no words to express how much I despise that man. She gon’ need some strungth. (Yeah, that is the correct word.)
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Honestly give her another Oscar for even entertaining the idea of having to pretend to be attracted to Adam Sandler


She don’t love herself 😯

bby girl………………..

Jen… You’re my name twin so I’m gonna break out some ancient black cinema advice: Make the money. Don’t let the money make you.

like Adam could ever

ITS. A. PAY. CHECK. Let her earn her money, ain’t like black women are being doled out roles. We all know this. Look how long it took Rutina Wesley and her Juiliard graduating self to get a good leading role.

nobody’s slamming Jen tho, not really the problem is Adam

Let’s start a prayer circle for her to have the strength to do with Sandler

Can you blame her? The biggest black female crossover stars have all had to play love interest to lesser white dudes. see: Halle Berry and Zoe Saldana

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*This poster is correct in saying that a lot of the current fandom has thoroughly whitewashed the participation of Black fans from television Scifi and Star Wars history. When I was little, everybody was about Star Wars, Lost in Space, and The Incredible Hulk.  Even my Mom had a favorite character, (Lando Calrissian ) and my personal favorite was Boba Fett. All the kids I knew had the toys, and talked about it in school. (I had a Space 1999 ship that my Mom bought me for Xmas when I was about ten or so.)
So yeah, Black people were definitely there, as part of Scifi fandom, and we have a lot of nostalgia around Star Wars, and Battlestar Galactica, but when you hear fans today, they make it sound like we had nothing at all to do with any of it, like it was exclusively a white thing to like Star Wars. Well, anyway, I like that The Get Down is showing people what it was really like for us. (Scifi and Kung Fu movies in the 70s, and Scifi and Ninja movies in the 80s.)
diversehighfantasy meredithgene

I can’t believe the Get Down is the best live action superhero series to air this year wow



they did that

Can we please talk about the relationship between hip hop and geek culture?!

Can we please have that discussion of remix, Easter eggs, superhero mythology and why The Get Down is needed rn?

I’m in. I think one thing that is worth stressing is that the geeky things in TGD, from the love of Star Wars to Ra-Ra’s comic book and superhero analogies to Dizzee’s afro-alien art (and, of course, everything Shaolin Fantastic) are not a retcon of history. I say that because a while ago I posted about how Lando Calrissian isn’t merely a “token black guy” – aside from being extremely important to the plots of Empire and Jedi, he was cast as Black because Black people were into Star Wars from the very beginning, even though the first movie was all white on screen. Billy Dee was cast as Lando as an acknowledgement that Star Wars was part of Black experience in the ‘70s and ‘80s.  And when I said that, some people reacted with surprise, because the revisionist white fan narrative is that Black people don’t care about Star Wars, fantasy, or scifi.

That can’t be further from the truth. Sci-fi and fantasy are a huge part of Afro-American Culture. In the ‘60s, while Black people in the US were fighting for basic rights, the space race was in full force. If white people were planning to conquer space, it should be no surprise that Black people identified with outer space aliens. It should be no surprise that Black people dreamt of far off worlds.

Afrika Bambaataa (who Shao refers to as the King) and Soulsonic Force were full-on sci-fi (now called Afrofuturism) from the South Bronx. “Planet Rock” was one of hip-hop’s first widely recognized masterpieces. And it wasn’t just hip hop. Funk icon George Clinton drew inspiration from Flash Gordon. The Jacksons made a sci-fi music video/film (The Triumph), and Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” references The Force, as in Star Wars. There’s Sun Ra, Newcleus – and this is not at all a comprehensive list from the ‘70s and early ‘80s.

Most depictions of Black kids in the ‘70s (ie mainstream TV and movies made in the ‘70s) ignored these interests and Black culture’s longtime love of fantasy and sci-fi. The Get Down shows a more honest picture of ‘70s Black kids in that respect, and in doing so should drive it home that we’re not new here.

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*There’s a big discussion going on about casting Ryan Potter as Batman’s Tim Drake. I’m all for it because DCEU really does need more Asian representation. So far, they and Marvel been kind of slacking in this regard, and the depictions of Asians in the MCU leaves a lot to be desired. Also, he just looks like Tim Drake from the comics. As usual there’s   white boy’s tears about it. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even care about white boys being mad about stuff anymore. My attitude towards them now is just “So, What?”

Check out Ryan’s audtion tape below.



*Yeah, this is a basic summation of the whole topic of white writers being too scared to write Characters of Color. In my opinion, though, if you are too scared to write, you’re a shitty writer. You can’t be scared and write well. This is basically my entire response to the bullshit that Lionel Shriver spouted in her speech at the Brisbane Writers Festival, entitled Fiction and Identity Politics. 

I can’t believe the TFA fandom is trying to blame the lack of Finn fic (or the general racism in fandom) on fans of color. I know I have the privilege of being naive but goddamnt, can we just listen to ourselves for a moment here?

Or like fans of color would feel safe in a fandom where the top ships are all with a white dude who is the villain?

The argument apparently is that people would write Finn, but they are too scared of those fans of color who are bullies and will criticize them for writing the super racist fics they want to write. So basically racism is to blame on people who call out racism. They are taking away white fandom’s god-given right to write awful racist stuff, so they won’t write characters of color altogether. Logic.

It’s a conversation I’m seeing a lot in professional fiction right now, specially sf/f and young adult. That white authors don’t want to write diversity because they don’t want to risk being criticized by minorities. And I’m like “no, what you are saying is you don’t want to do your job, you don’t want to put in the time and effort to write minorities well, what you mean is that you can’t do the half-assed racist job of it you’ve been doing all your writing life, because people are finally calling you out on your bullshit, and rightly so”.


Next up on, People Who Are Pissing Me Off:

So this happened, during Fashion Week, with Marc Jacobs appropriating a type of hairstyle, for his White models, that Black people get vilified and demonized for: dreadlocks. So, I was never on  Marc Jacobs, but it was his response to  criticism, (as a Black woman who permed her hair for decades before deciding to go natural), that got my blood pressure up. 

I’ve been seeing this asinine question all over Tumblr asking why Black women straighten their hair. Its not unlike the usual wtf*ery, where various dumbasses attempt to “gotcha” black people into shutting up, by saying “But you do it too!” As if the idea that other people are racist makes it okay for them to be assholes, too.

Guys! That’s not how that works, okay. You don’t get a get out of jail free card simply because other people might be acting a fool. (Although, I know  now that sort of response is an attempt to alleviate their feelings of guilt, for engaging in assholery. I know that’s where it comes from because the answers to their questions are easily Google-able.) The snag they keep running into is that  the Black people, they are accusing, know our history exceptionally well. People that dumb  are walking into a conversation armed with a paperclip, thinking they have a gun.

But then I’ve noticed that people that do things like that, have a tendency to be deeply, deeply, stupid.


(Facebook: Elijah Andreval Jones IV )

I don’t even get into the “are dreads cultural appropriation” discussion anymore because the topic has been discussed ad nauseam.  If – after all of the thinkpieces and resources and historical research – you’re still just fine with white people wearing dreadlocks, I have moved on from that topic with you.  I’m not interested in talking about it anymore.  As such, I wouldn’t even be talking about Marc Jacobs if not for this comment right here:

“funny how you don’t criticize women of color for straightening their hair”

That “women of color” is just code for Black because – newsflash – most of the women of color on the planet have straight hair BECAUSE THEY’RE ASIAN.  And most of the white people on the planet do not have straight hair because there’s usually a wave or a curl or most certainly some frizz.  Obviously all Asians don’t have straight hair (particularly those from South Asia) but the vast majority of women from China to Japan to Korea have straighter hair than most white people, so Marc Jacobs is talking directly to Black women and doesn’t have the balls to just say it, probably because Naomi Campbell is one of his bffs.

You know what?  Naomi, come get your boy.  How do you fix your mouth to say “I don’t see race” when one of your homegirls has spent the better part of her career promoting visibility for women of color in fashion?  If one of my white friends said “I don’t see race” then I don’t see his name in my contacts list any longer.  That is seriously one of the most offensive things you can say to me as a white friend.

I don’t care what white strangers say, I don’t care when your racist uncle drops the n-word, but when you are on my team and you say you don’t see race, then you don’t see my struggle when I get stopped by the cops or my frustration when we go to the movies and all of the leads are white or my anger when another one of us is gunned down for existing.  Sometimes it’s small and sometimes it’s serious, but you still need to see it and me and recognize that we’re not the same.  That doesn’t mean one is better, but part of respecting someone and their culture and the path they walk is to recognize the differences and realize how they may move through the world differently than you.

If Marc Jacobs doesn’t see race then he can’t possibly see how offensive it is to have white women walking around mimicking natural hairstyles for Black women when we have little Black girls in this country protesting at school for the right to wear their hair in their natural state.  We have little Black girls being sent home from class and Black women being denied jobs and promotions because their hair is called unruly or unkempt when it doesn’t adhere to European standards of beauty – and then Marc Jacobs wants to try and throw “cultural appropriation” at Black women for straightening their hair?  It’s called survival in a white supremacist society and maybe if he could see race (or pick up a history book) he’d know that.

Edit:  Just got a message on FB from this white guy who worked on the show











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  1. Love that TV ladies gifset. Iris, Abbie and Jennie Mills, Annalise, Cookie, Veronica, Michaela and Bonnie. Olivia is such a horrible character now but she’s still a pioneer (I don’t know the other shows lol)

    “the shippers are assholes and now the mere thought of it makes me want to set people on fire”
    “Yeah, Destiel shippers, I’m lookin’ atchu!”
    I feel so at home on this blog ;D

    “Make the money. Don’t let the money make you.”
    Not this gem from Diamond from The Players Club!!! Ronnie’s on Iyanla right now BTW.

    I’ve been staying away from the Marc Jacobs fiasco because it does catastrophic things to my blood pressure but yes, the paper clip analogy is spot on.

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    1. I have never understood shipping wars and people basically attacking each other over fantasies they have about other people’s fantasies. I get calling out racism and misogyny in the general fandom, and critically asking why certain ships don’t occur, and their relationship to racism and female erasure, but some people’s behavior is just baffling to me.

      It even happens in other fandoms now, like people simply moved on to other ships after exhausting Destiel. I don’t know if that over either.Only now there’s a peculiarly racist and misogynistic angle to it all now.

      There’s a post in there somewhere about the uptick of PoC in the genre, and the subsequent rise in coded racist behavior among people who prided themselves on being progressive as long as they didn’t have to demonstrate it, because there weren’t any PoC in the genre to express it to.

      Destiel shipping was the first time I’d encountered these delusional ideas that not only had a ship already occurred/was occurring, but that other fans were stupid/wrong/evil not to acknowledge what they all could plainly see.

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      1. “It even happens in other fandoms now, like people simply moved on to other ships after exhausting Destiel. I don’t know if that over either.”

        I don’t think it’s really over. Things have quieted down on the Destiel front because TPTB decided to shut it down but it seems like the public in general continues to campaign for their ships. Wasn’t there a ‘Make Cap Bi’ thing going on last year?

        I know fans talk about LGB rep and I don’t doubt that it’s what it’s about for some of them but for others, it’s mostly about canonizing a fanon ship, whether it is Steve/Bucky or Steve/Tony. I try to stay out on the non-Destiel shipping wars because while I know Dean Winchester and Supernatural well enough to argue down anybody who’s deluded enough to insist that the writers are writing a Dean coming out of the closet or a DeanCas love story (after many members of TPTB said it’s not happening), I’m not invested enough in the other shows and movies to get involved.

        Also, as a straight woman, I try to stay out of the conversations about non-heterosexual representation. I don’t think it’s my place to shout about it or worse, argue against the concept. I understand LGB viewers wanting to see themselves on screen and while I disagree with some of the characters SOME fans focus on (Dean for example), I see it as a sign of the times and stay my straight conservative West African butt out of it.

        I wish someone told me to shut up about wanting to see straight Black women like me represented in media so I try not to do it to others, which includes non-heterosexual Black women or any other group I’m not necessarily a member of (I’m not separating straight BW from non-hetero BW for discrimination sake, just acknowledging that their needs when it comes to representation are not necessarily identical, especially given the fact that non-hetero BW deal with the additional challenge of homophobic tropes).

        “There’s a post in there somewhere about the uptick of PoC in the genre, and the subsequent rise in coded racist behavior among people who prided themselves on being progressive as long as they didn’t have to demonstrate it, because there weren’t any PoC in the genre to express it to.”

        Yeah, it’s one of those frustrating things about racism, is all the racists arguing that they’re not racist while being racist. Good thing is, another sign of the times is that PoC representation is going to increase, and while fandom resistance is inevitable, progress is also inevitable.

        Klandom hateration and holleration won’t stop WestAllen from happening on “The Flash” on TV AND on the big screen the way it stopped the interracial romance from blossoming on “Twisted” a few years ago. More PoCs will be featured in non-stereotypical, non sidekick roles and one day, the naysayers will be drowned out by the march of progress. It won’t be tomorrow, but it’ll happen. Our job is to stand up to them and throw their arguments back in their faces. I love nothing more than to read the Iris haters for filth and deconstruct their arguments until they stand naked, unable to justify their hatred for the character in a way that doesn’t expose them further for the racists they are.

        “Destiel shipping was the first time I’d encountered these delusional ideas that not only had a ship already occurred/was occurring, but that other fans were stupid/wrong/evil not to acknowledge what they all could plainly see.”

        As you know, I wrote a whole thesis about it (you’ll be the first to know when it’s online lol) and it is my belief that the likes of Misha Collins, Adam Glass and Robbie Thompson are to blame for emboldening the shippers. While no one else in the production team and and encouraged them, and while some clearly told them it wasn’t happening (Jensen, Jared, Chad Kennedy, Guy Bee, the show and Collins himself after his minions took him to task for “queerbaiting”), the crumbs some of the producers and ongoing provocation by Collins are at the source of the issue imo.

        Shippers are going to do their thing but they WILL get out of pocket with the slightest encouragement. Had the creative team spoken with one voice, firmly, consistently and clearly (a little bit like they’re trying to do now, which is still not enough because they could kill the topic with a single official statement, but won’t because it generates social media buzz and free promo for the show), the Delusionals as I call them couldn’t have been as loud and wrong, as long as they were. I blame the show for trying to milk the controversy and refusing to nip it in the bud with a “it’s not happening because…” delivered by the showrunner with no take backsies and no double talk allowed by ANYBODY on the payroll.

        By not saying NO soon and loud enough, shippers got the message that all they needed was to apply more pressure to get their way and I hate to be that backward old bitty (no I don’t), but there’s an element of narcissistic entitlement characteristic to the Twitter generation (let’s keep it 100, the MILLENIALS!) that turned some of them into ‘little monsters’ who would not accept a weak no for an answer. You can’t act like no punk with them new Twitter gangstas. You release “Back to Back” and tell them what’s WHAT ;DDD (it’s a Drake/Meek Mill beef reference for those who are wondering. Google Twitta Fingaz lmao)

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      2. Great summation of Destiel shippers. It does seem to have died down a bit as I don’t see quite as much in my news feeds or dashboards, but this is one of the results of queerbaiting. Even LGBTQ people have started to speak out about shows doing that , and how young straight women are fetishizing queerness. So much so that they are willing to throw all other types of characters under the bus, so they can call themselves queer progressive. No doubt some of them are but there is a subgroup of them that are not at all interested in progressivism. I don’t think a lot of it has anything to do with actually being gay.

        I wants to do a post on the topic. I think it’s all tied up in the sexual expression of straight, young white women, and more than a little has to do with “Twilight” culture and fandom. I think woobiying problematic characters and villains (Kylo) falls in line with this too, along with chibi-ing, despite that that comes from Japanese culture. I think it all springs from the same source.

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      3. “this is one of the results of queerbaiting. ”

        I believe I read 99% of the articles and blog posts about queerbaiting for my thesis and I am HERE if you wanna chat! I especially want to talk about it with someone who doesn’t believe Destiel is/is going to be canon because there are some things I disagree with when it comes to the queerbaiting conversation when it comes to Supernatural and I’m among the significant number of people never once saw Destiel as a canon thing.

        I’m one of them for many reasons I can sum up like this:
        – homoerotic subtext is a tool the show has used since the beginning (the couple/lover concept used in relation to Sam and Dean since season 1). Some people choosing to make it something else/more/different because Castiel isn’t related to Dean doesn’t change the fact that it’s a formula the show has been using 3 years before Castiel was a notion.
        – I also do not believe that Dean has been written as a canonically bisexual character which make the complaints about a so-called “natural” progression of his relationship a moot point for me.

        “Even LGBTQ people have started to speak out about shows doing that , and how young straight women are fetishizing queerness. So much so that they are willing to throw all other types of characters under the bus, so they can call themselves queer progressive.”

        Yes,fans have been criticizing “Supernatural”, “Once Upon a Time”, “Sherlock”, “Rizolli and Isles”, “Hannibal”, “Teen Wolf”, etc., and from what I observed, the ones criticizing what they see as instances or a pattern of queerbaiting seemed to in large parts, LGBTQ fans.

        Also from what I observed, the ones criticizing were mostly LGBTQ. The criticism of straight white women was coming mostly from fans who didn’t necessarily wanted Destiel to be canon. According to them, straight women were trying to appropriate and hijack the LGB representation conversation for the sole and cynical purpose of canonizing their white c*ck ship of choice.

        They believed these women didn’t really care about representation and that they proved it by only fighting for Destiel, which was becoming counterproductive because the toxic atmosphere surrounding the topic. They believed true allies would fight for Representation, period, which would mean asking for it in different and varied forms instead of insisting it was the Destiel way or the highway.

        “No doubt some of them are but there is a subgroup of them that are not at all interested in progressivism.’

        Absolutely. I left a long comment about the issue on Zina’s blog about slash writers. I do not speak for all straight women fans but I will speak ABOUT a good chunk of them and ask some of them to stop with the fakeness and the hypocrisy. You are not progressive. You are not fighting for LGB rep, you just want your favorite white c*ck ship to be a canon because like the straight dudes who watch girl on girl porn, what you really like here is the idea of 2 carefully selected, sweet pieces of @ss performing for your pleasure. So I’m gonna need you to stop calling yourself enlightened and an ally, when all this noise you’re making is really about promoting your favorite p0rn for selfish purposes.

        Let those who are truly fighting to see themselves on TV claim LGBT rep. Know that the true ally stand next to the LGB community, not on their heads, trying to exploit their fight for your own heterosexual gain. That’s why my eyes roll so hard when people are surprised to find that some straight slash consumers are homophobic. Please! Look (not you, I mean the general you) at slash and m/m promoted by straight women the same way you look at girl-on-girl p0rn produced for the male gaze. Unless and until they have proven that they truly embrace the cause and stand for the rights of those who want to be represented, do not trust those hetero poseurs.

        “I wants to do a post on the topic.”

        Please do! * claps *

        “I think it’s all tied up in the sexual expression of straight, young white women, and more than a little has to do with “Twilight” culture and fandom.”

        I’m not sure if you’re saying that straight white women are the ones pretending to be progressive… If that’s what you’re saying, then yes, they are certainly very visible when it comes to the complaints about queerbaiting and the demands for the canonization of fanon slash ships.

        If you’re talking about fetishization, I don’t think it’s a only a white woman thing or even a young woman thing. I’m a hardcore slash shipper myself and I know other non-white, and also over 30 slash enthusiasts.

        By “Twilight culture and fandom” do you mean entitled fan culture? When I think Twilight, I think glamorizing abusive relationships (which I’m an expert on as a Wincest shipper), being batsh*t rabid about your ship and tinhatting to the max, which can be found in a lot of fandom and more notoriously, in the SPN fandom.

        “I think woobiying problematic characters and villains (Kylo) falls in line with this too, along with chibi-ing, despite that that comes from Japanese culture.
        I think it all springs from the same source.’

        Okay, I’m starting to see a pattern here and I think I’ve got it, Maybe. Basically, I think you’re saying that straight young white women of this social media age of rabid fandoming have developed a particularly entitled relationship to their objects of media consumption, whether it is, the story, the characters, their relationships, their sexual orientation, their romances, their actors, with a side of heavy fetishization of m/m material, that they then now insist must be canonized because they say so, and will accuse you of being viciously heteronormative (even when they aren’t all that progressive themselves) should you fail to comply.

        The chibi-ing would be a facet of that objectification in which characters become easily malleable marionettes hollowed out of any distinctive feature and redesigned to fit the details of a carefully constructed fantasy. Hence, the woobification of villains to turn them into cute dolls they can happily pair up with the male character of their choice, free of guilt.


        I really need to find myself some business before lkeke bans me for outrageous use of her blog capacity with these ridiculously large comments. Ki!


      4. It’s cool, I love your long comments. And you’re right on the second part. It’s a tropism of the fandom that problematic characters are getting woobified and chibied by the fandom. Take Hannibal for example. There’s no doubt that their relationship is a horrible. It’s never presented as good or ideal but I’ve seen a lot of woobification of these two. The trope is they take problematic relationships and mainstream it, by making the characters less problematic, or benign, or infantilizing them, thereby turning them into palatable, faux hetero relationships. Writing endless fanfics of Hannibal and Will owning a bed and breakfast, walking their dogs, cuddling on sofas, and only engaging in normative domestic activities. There’s hundreds of fanfics like this and I think it’s definitely a kind of trend.
        It also is a trope of a lot of mainstream ships too. I was just wondering about the motivation behind it.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. “It also is a trope of a lot of mainstream ships too. I was just wondering about the motivation behind it.”

        I can’t speak for all the fans but I’ll speak for the fans I know, and they are plenty. Those stories are simply Harlequin novels for them. Harlequins novels with a twist. They have nothing to do with actual, realistic representation of gay relationships or the realistic challenges (all of society breathing down your neck) that come with them.

        They are Danielle Steel novels with a happy ending and 2 hot dudes who are only “gay for each other”. I’m cringing so hard and filled with such shame as I type this but it’s the God’s honest truth. And they are written and read by straight girls who live straight lives of straight privilege and just want something “spicy” *cringe * and new.

        For some of them, who are still not writing a realistic relationship, it’s the freedom of enjoying perfect relationships and perfect fantasies without the realistic burden of the female/male power imbalance and the misogyny that comes with them. In the end it’s all about THEM. Zero to do with representation and a lot of them will project themselves onto one character, thus creating THEIR perfect straight relationship without the annoying male domination problem and the added titillation of male sexuality as a bonus.

        I was raised to be a lady but it’s time to keep it real. It’s the 2 dacks for the price of 1 fantasy.
        * grabs bucket * This is pure, unadulterated truth, and it might wreak of hetero privilege, but it is not new and it is not going anywhere.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I’ve heard this complaint from actual gay people that the relationships presented in fanfiction aren’t remotely like real gay relationships. I’ve never read a Harlequin novel so I can’t speak to what that’s like though.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. “I’ve heard this complaint from actual gay people that the relationships presented in fanfiction aren’t remotely like real gay relationships.”

        Yep. I remember commenting on one of the link your provided in one of your posts. It was about that author, a Black male, and he ended his article with a powerful sentence that was something like “let your novel be the heterosexual love story it desperately wants to be”. My solution, as a cynical citizen who follows the money trail was to label those stories differently.

        They rake in the cash in their niche. People won’t stop writing them and publisher won’t stop publishing what sells. They aren’t gay stories though, and readers shouldn’t be blindsided with a hetero badfic featuring two characters with male names when they’re looking for a story that truly speaks to their lives and experiences.

        “I’ve never read a Harlequin novel so I can’t speak to what that’s like though.’

        The Harlequin formula. Boy meets girl. Boys pursues girl. Girl resists. Girl gives in. Romance! Problems! Reconciliation! Happily ever after 😉

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