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So, I’ve been going through my dashboard getting rid of all the Hannigram blogs I keep subscribing to,  and adding more relevant stuff. I came acros tihs one blogger who posts a lot of wonderfully up-to-date news on Indigenous Peoples Affairs. 

Ya’ know, no wonder white men are so mad lately! I mean everybody just acting a fool, what with white women disregarding their orders, black people talkin’ back to them, Hispanic people are walking around not speaking properly, even Asians are acting all uppity and stuff, and they can’t be the heroes in movies anymore, (unless they’re by Marvel), and now them Native hooligans are being mad at stuff that happened hundreds of years ago. I know being a white man right now must be incredibly hard. 

Actually that so many Native Americans are out there doing the  things I cannot do, just made my heart glad. They have always brought the fire and they have my full support. The least I can do is signal boost and let others no whats happening. If you haven’t been keeping up on exactly what’s happening and why there’s this protest (and I don’t blame you because the mainstream media isn’t being very forthcoming), I’ve provided some news links at the bottom.

Not only that but BLM has thrown its full support behind their cause as well.

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@ white people who think wearing eagle feather headdresses is just a costume and doesn’t offend natives, I was at a powwow yesterday and one of the dancer’s who was a war veteran accidentally dropped an eagle feather while dancing and we had to stop the entire powwow, the head man and some other elders had to stop and pray over the feather before picking it up. The guy who dropped the father gave a speech, while almost in tears, about how sorry he was to have dropped the feather and how it represented the choices he had to make in combat and the lives of people that were taken, and he ended up passing the feather on to another young dancer instead of keeping it because he felt so ashamed. This is how much eagle feathers mean to a lot of our nations, and that’s how important it is to native veterans. Wearing eagle feathers as a costume or without having to go through combat is disgusting and you ARE offending our traditions and values. Stop. You cannot understand the importance of our customs and you do not deserve to wear eagle feathers.

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Natives who don’t stand up for their people and culture and say racist things about their own culture just to please the whites make me so sad

Like…no…we’ve been doing and trying that shit for hundreds of years and look where that got us. We have to stand up for ourselves or they are just going to wipe us all out. Have you seen the news lately? We are being murdered and raped on a daily basis. Our land is being poisoned. And the government won’t do a goddamn thing about it.

Calling other Natives a pussy for standing up for themselves is disgusting. It’s cool that you aren’t offended but siding with the whites and insulting and belittling your fellow Natives? I’m not okay with that. You’re no kin of mine.

nativehoe, I adore you. I think you’re pretty rad. And I think you’re totally in the right. Keep fighting the good fight, sister. Mvto!


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an unprecedented moment in native american history happened this week

I don’t think non-Natives understand what a HUGE FREAKING DEAL this is. This is amazing. The show of solidarity is just…it’s amazing. Regardless of the end result, these gatherings will not be forgotten.



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