Ghosts of Emmett Till: Why We Must Clapback At Amy Schumer’s Racist Tweet

Sublime Zoo

*co-written by Wicked Womanist*

Does that title make you uncomfortable?

Does potentially confronting the forces that contributed to the atrocity that was the murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till rub you the wrong way?


Because if that’s the case, this tweet should bother you as well:

I’ll be honest with you. A lot of my homies were curious as to why I didn’t also write a piece on Amy Schumer this past week. After my read of Lena Dunham, it was only fair to include her partner-in-racism Amy Schumer in this brouhaha, right?

You’re right…but I was also tired.

After gathering all the Earth’s energy Spirit Bomb-style™ like Goku in the Kid Buu sagato destroy the world’s most racist and obnoxious Marshmellow™, I didn’t have much ki left over to give Amy Schumer that same work too.

However, after seeing several people on my own timeline or adjacent…

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